Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Think pink and sparkly! Introducing our new "Sparkle" range! February 2016

When I was asked to design and create a "pink" window display for Qualatex® at the Spring Fair trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, U.K. I was extremely happy! Happy that I would be working with the new Pink Starburst Sparkle and Birthday Sparkle range, but also very happy that I would have the opportunity to add some exciting "sparkly" elements to the displays, too!

18 Pink Starburst Sparkle Bubble Balloon
U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675

The window space for each of the displays is quite limited, allowing on this occasion enough room for three focal displays. Working with the theme "celebration," I decided to feature age eighteen as the milestone age.

Last year Qualatex® added the fabulous "Celebration Pink Bubbly Wine" bottle to its range, and what a fantastic balloon it is!

Great for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and many other celebratory occasions, this balloon works so well. I love the fact that one side of the label has been left blank so that we can personalise it! If you would like to know more about personalising balloons check out these blogs.

The design that I made for the window was free-standing and completely air-filled. I created a short pedestal style base using the Zebra Stripes Onyx Black with 11" Pink latex balloons. These compliment the print on the wine bottle and add visual stability to the base of the design. To bring a little sparkle and elegance to this design, I added a line of "diamonds" to the edge of the bottle label using the same Diamond Mesh that I showed in a recent blog  - Adding a touch of "Glitz" to your balloon decor. I also used a beautiful wired organza ribbon to create a soft bow to the top of the bottle. Both these additions gave a feminine touch to the design.

18" "Birthday Pink Sparkle".

The second design was very simple, but also very effective. My aim was to create a simple balloon bouquet arrangement featuring the Birthday Pink Sparkle 18" Microfoil® Balloons. I think that the bouquet would have been even better if I had been able to use the new 11" "18 Sparkle-A-Round" latex balloons too, but decided that there was not enough space. It is also very important when we create window displays to allow each element enough space to stand out in its own right.

Star Centrepiece design by Sue Bowler, CBA

I was really happy with the base of the bouquet. I wanted to make something that could be used as a centrepiece as well as the base of a bouquet arrangement. I think that the addition of the 4" Silver Microfoil Star balloons complimented the design perfectly and with a little added "glitz." This little added touch of detail really increased the perceived value of the whole design.

The final design I made for this window display was a centrepiece design. I wanted to show that this beautiful new range works well for many different design ideas and how elegant they can look when used in a centrepiece.

This truly was my opportunity to add a little "sparkle" to my design. Working with a Lomey Pedestal and Lomey Dish, I started by covering the pedestal with Diamond Mesh ribbon that I had cut to size and fixed to the pedestal using Balloon Bond®, which worked extremely well. The idea of covering the pole was inspired by Jani Blocker, CBA. Personally, I think that the Diamond Mesh transforms the look of the Lomey instantly, and at very little extra cost, it will definitely be something that I do again! The design is actually very simple. It is made up of two base clusters of 5" balloons, and at the top of the column are two more clusters sized a little smaller than the base. To soften the appearance of the  5" Wild Berry balloons used in the clusters, I double-stuffed them by putting a 5" Silver balloon over the top, which gave them a "pearly" appearance that worked very well in the design. The 5" Silver balloons were also double-stuffed to intensify the colour strength.
It is the finishing touches that make this design so elegant. I added two 4" Magenta Microfoil Stars at the top and two more at the base, along with two 13" Magenta Taper balloons.

The final touch was to add some small Silver-shaped glitter stars that were just perfect for this design. 

I loved working with this new Birthday Sparkle range of balloons. I am excited that they can be coordinated with so many Qualatex balloons and accessories. Here are some more great design ideas working with these fantastic new balloons!

I simply love this new 36" "Birthday Sparkle" Microfoil Balloon.
This design was inspired by a design created by Luc Bertrand, CBA.

I also want to share with you a fabulous design that was created by Chloe Leman, Pioneer® Europe Ltd. Chloe has made the  "Celebration Pink Bubbly Wine" bottle into this super character. I think that this would make a great celebratory balloon gift, and for added value, simply attach a wonderful bouquet of coordinating balloons!

Check out the new Everyday catalogue to see the full range of balloons and accessories in the Sparkle range. Please note that not all balloons and accessories are available in every country. Check with you local Qualatex distributor to find out what is available. 

Happy Ballooning!


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