Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Easter — Rabbits, flowers, and chicks!

Eggs and chicks, like rabbits and hares, are synonymous with Easter. This dates back to Pagan times when eggs were considered a sign of fertility and new life. The early Christians adopted this symbolism because it helped them remember the Resurrection and having new life through Jesus.

As a small child, I remember decorating and painting hard boiled eggs, then rolling them down a hill on Easter Sunday; the first egg to reach the bottom without breaking was the winner! Today, we still enjoy Easter traditions as a family, including an Easter egg hunt (chocolate eggs, of course) and everyone really enjoys the excitement of hunting for eggs.

In the past I have made a few different designs that would work well for Easter. I love the Easter colour palettes, especially Yellow, Spring Lilac, Rose, and Lime Green as it is a great reminder that spring is on its way!

11" "Easter Bunnies & Daisies"

I made this cute rabbit in 2010! The body was made using a 20" Qualatex® Deco Bubble, filled with under-inflated 11" ‟Big Polka Dot” to represent Easter eggs.

The head of the rabbit was made using a distortion technique. If you would like to learn how to make the head, click HERE for a direct link to the post I wrote about distortion.

How about spring flowers? I thought that these would work well for spring and Easter decor.

I loved making this flower. It was very different from other styles of giant flowers that I had made before. I liked the fact that the head of the flower tips over rather than facing forward. This flower stood approximately 5' (1.5m) tall.

This flower design was made using 27" and 13" ‟Taper Green Leaf” Microfoil balloons and the 11" Green Rainbow SuperAgate® and the 11" Yellow Orange Rainbow SuperAgate latex balloons.

This flower stood approximately 7' (2m) tall.

18" ‟Baby Chick” Microfoil Balloon.

As soon as I saw the new 18" Baby Chick Microfoil balloon, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it ‑ a baby chick of course! This lovely simple design can made in just a few minutes, and by
18" ‟Happy Easter Hatched Chicks.”
adding a helium-filled Easter balloon bouquet you can really add value the cutest Easter design.

Material List:

4 - 11" Orange latex balloons
4 - 5" Yellow latex balloons
1 - 12" Yellow Quick Link Balloon™
2 - 160Q Orange
1 - 18" ‟Baby Chick” Microfoil balloon.

Scraps for attaching
Weight for base

Here are a few more ideas that you could use for Easter or spring decor and some of my favourite balloon assortments!

I love this ‟Breezy Butterfly Delight” design. It looks amazing with the 44" ‟Luminous Butterfly” as a topper for this ‟Big Polka Dots” Quick Link column.

11" ‟Big Polka Dots” - Assorted Spring Lilac, Rose, Goldenrod, Lime Green, and Robin's Egg Blue.

11" ‟Big Polka Dots Colourful Assortment”. 

11" ‟Daisies & Butterflies.”

Easter is such a lovely time of the year. Spring arrives along with so many beautiful, vibrant colours!

Happy ballooning!


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