Thursday, March 3, 2016

Star Struck Air-Filled Balloon Decor for an Awards Ceremony

Many of us decorate award ceremonies or themed events (e.g., “Hollywood Nights”). I recently decorated an awards ceremony in London.  My brief was to create decor that offered big impact and strictly air-filled. It needed to be elegant and use the colours Gold & Black.

Stars, of course are the perfect choice for an event such as this! 
I also needed to use bases and poles to give me a height for my air-filled decor, but I did not want to build a traditional style column. 

I like to start my designing process on my computer first.This allows me to play around with ideas, and once I have a design (or designs) that I am happy with, I can use these images to send to my client for their approval. 

Designing on your computer is pretty easy, and in most cases, it does not require special software if it as simple as my designs.

I wrote a blog "As a Balloon Artist, how can we find our inspiration?". - in this post it gives a brief introduction on how you can create simple designs working on your computer.

My design idea was to create pedestal-style columns using a combination of round and non-round balloons, giving the columns elegant straight lines. 

Each column was topped with a 36" Metallic Gold Microfoil® Star balloon with three 9" Metallic Gold Microfoil Star balloons positioned in the centre.

I also made centrepieces that stood on poseur tables around the room. It was important that these did not interfere with sight-lines, so people could talk without the interference of balloons being in their way.  I designed the centrepieces to compliment the columns, this time using 4" Metallic Gold Microfoil Star balloons and ensuring that the design was visually pleasing from all sides. The centrepieces were made on 31"Lomey pedestals with 9" Lomey bases.

All the decor was made 24 hours in advance of the event. Each column and centrepiece was covered in large plastic bags to protect them during transportation. On arrival we added the 36" & 20" stars and used Balloon Shine™ to make the balloons look bright and shiny - it really works and is definitely worth the effort!

TIP: I double-stuffed* the Gold 350Q balloons to make the colour more intense and the balloons more durable.)
*Double-stuffing is a technique that we use to create unique colours. It is very easy to do; simply insert one balloon inside the other and inflate as one. Qualatex® has a Custom Colour Chart that you can download or use for reference when looking for a unique colour.

I love to create decor like this - elegant and perfect for the purpose!

Happy Ballooning!



Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing that! I'm new to balloon decor, and am having trouble finding good info on how to inflate and seal the small micro foil stars. They didn't come with adhesives around the holes, so I don't know how to tie off the balloon without some air escaping. Any tips?

Unknown said...

hello, you have to use a heat sealer it will be easier ;)

DZB Bolloons said...

Is there a app or web that you could use to practice designs with I've been looking no luck

DZB Bolloons said...

Is there a app or web that you could use to practice designs with I've been looking no luck

Unknown said...

nice,beautifull,,greatI like it.