Friday, July 22, 2016

Congratulations to the Very Best Balloon Blog!

Wow, what can I say! I’m excited to announce that as of today, we have crossed the traffic milestone of one million pageviews!

A special thank you to all of you!

The blog is very much a team effort, from our amazing contributors who very generously share their passion, experience, knowledge, and inspiration, and also to our many readers who regularly inspire a new post topic even if they are not aware of it!

Let's keep working together to make the balloon industry the very best it can be.

It's time to celebrate, and I look forward to announcing our next Very Best Balloon Blog million milestone!

Happy Ballooning from a very happy blogger!



Christine Maentz, CBA said...

Congrats! I know how much work it is to keep a blog updated and interesting and you do an amazing job of it!

Amanda Mazzei said...
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