Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tips and Tricks of the Trade - Part 3

Learning how to do things easily or in a better way can take many years of trial and error. Today, we are very lucky. We have great educational classes, YouTube, and many fabulous artists who are willing to share some of their fantastic techniques and new found skills.

"Tips and Tricks of the Trade" is a series of posts that will help you with a variety of different techniques that will make life easier and your work look better.

In Part 1, of this series, Chris Adamo, CBA, of Balloons Online, in Sydney, NSW, Australia, shared some fabulous techniques for filling latex balloons with confetti and how to easily apply vinyl to foil and Bubble Balloons. This is a must read post for anyone who works with confetti-filled balloons, and for those of you who personlise balloons. To view this post, click HERE

In Part 2, I show two different techniques on how to cover a base board using latex and foil balloons. These techniques are perfect for those who make centrepiece designs. To view this post, click HERE.

In part 3, we are going to look at two different techniques for wrapping a pole with 160Q or 260Q balloons.

The first techniques is shared by Cam Woody, of Pioneer® Balloon Company.

"I learned this cool technique from Aleks Hernández of Waikify in Guadalajara, Mexico, while I was teaching in Brazil earlier this year.

It's a 3-balloon spiral, a little different from the usual 4-balloon spiral.  I think it actually works best on a smaller size pole, like 1/4" aluminum, but it also works on the 1/2" conduit."
Step 1: Tie all 3 260Qs together and create a spiral braid with 2 of the balloons.

Step2: Wrap the braid onto the pole.

Step 3: Wrap the 3rd balloon in the gaps that are left. This makes a nice tight spiral.

Some years ago, I posted a blog on how to make the 4-balloon spiral column. I used this as a pedestal base to display a Number One balloon. This technique is built directly onto the pole.

These are both great techniques and can be used in a variety of ways to cover poles in decor designs.

Here are a few of my favourite designs using this stunning spiral technique. It can be used to create designs that are soft and elegant, which are perfect for weddings, as well as those that are bold and classic, ideal for corporate and black tie events!

I hope that you are enjoying these fabulous "Tips and Tricks of the Trade." We have even more top tips that will be featured soon!

Happy Ballooning!


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