Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Qualatex® Event Slovenia makes a big splash!

Alberto Falcone, CBA. 
Late last year I had the pleasure of teaching at the Qualatex Event Slovenia. I love to teach at this event, not only because it's hosted in a spa hotel, which makes for a fun and a very lively welcome party, but also because I get to meet up with so many of my wonderful ballooning friends from around the world. This year was no exception. We had more than 150 delegates from more than 23 different countries.

For me, the event started with nine delegates from across Europe and Israel taking their CBA exam. The room was filled with anxiety and nerves at the beginning of the exam as always, but after a few short minutes everyone relaxed and did their best work. And of course they were awesome, with everyone passing!
A huge congratulations to:
Nikita Fric, CBA.
Roland Repaski, CBA.
Maayan Guri, CBA.
Zsuzsanna Ernst, CBA.
Erika Zeke, CBA.
Itai Yekoutiely, CBA.
Mike Hurst, CBA.
Iren Ille, CBA.
Barbara Tocaj, CBA.

Welcome to the CBA family!

CBA exam in progress.

CBA exam designs.

Whilst we were working away on the CBA exam, others were busily working hard to make the decor for the opening "Pool Party" headed by Colin Stewart, CBA, of SBB World Class BalloonART in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. 
Decor in the making.

Colin leading the decor on the move.

Entrance decor.

Ceiling palm tree's with fun monkeys.

Here are a few photographs from the party. It looks like those monkeys got everywhere!

Some of the new CBAs celebrating Hawaiian style.
Fun and frolicking in the pool!

This event has a variety of competitions. One of my favourite is the Wedding Table competition, where competitors create an unforgettable wedding table design. Here are a few of the amazing designs, starting with the winners.

1st Place - Wedding Red Passion by the Manola Team.

2nd Place - Grape Wedding by Team Russia.

3rd Place - Coral Light by Smileyland.

Flamingo by Poklon Shop Balon.

Tender Pearl by Belarus Team.

Just Married by Alon Balon Group.

White Love by Avital Shechter.

Butterfly Dream by Lufipark.

Filigree Fantasy by Frank Jeschke.
 Medium sculpture competition with the theme "love."

1st Place - Just Married by Sdshar.
2nd Place - Time for Love by Avital Shechter.
3rd Place - Throwing Hearts by Frank Jeschke, CBA.
There are so many fabulous photographs from this event it has been so hard to choose, but here are a few more that really show off this event as being such an amazing, fun, and exciting event to attend!

Renata and Nikita Fric of Magic Baloni and Party Shop.
Niko Fric with Nikita
Nikolett Forray of Balloon World Hungary with Marie Gransbury of Pioneer Europe.

Congratulations to all the amazing instructors; Alberto Falcone, CBA, Colin Stewart, CBA, Niko Fric, CBA, Zsolt Dömötör, Olga Baranova, CBA & Olga Samoylova, CBA, Nikita Fric, CBA, Maayan Guri, CBA, Vladimir Mikek, Andrea Nemeth, CBA, Romana Kolenc, CBA, Andrea Noel, Pieter van Engen, CBA and Sue Bowler, CBA. I was very proud to be part of such an amazing team of international instructors!

A huge thank you to Renta, Niko, and Nikita Fric, along with Nikolett Forray for organising and hosting this fantastic event! I hope to see you again next year!

Credit must also be given to the fabulous photographers Damjan Pajk and Gregor Sulejmanovič.

Happy Ballooning!


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