Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free Online Balloon Industry Design and Calculator Tool from Chris Adamo, CBA.

I am so excited to be able to share with you a fabulous new FREE Online Balloon Industry Design and Calculator from the fabulous Chris Adamo, CBA, of Balloons Online, in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Chris Adamo, CBA
Chris is one of those guys who loves to find an easier solution. Last year he designed a fabulous tool - the confetti applicator. As we all know getting confetti to distribute evenly and not clump up inside a balloon is not an easy task. However, Chris solved this problem by designing a tool that is easy to make and gives perfect results every time! If you missed this post, click HERE. Chris is always keen to share a great tip or technique, and once again he is sharing another fabulous tool!

The Balloon Design and Calculator Tool is a project that Chris has been working on for some time. And after many months of work, he is ready to share this tool with the balloon industry!

There are four tools to work with: the Quick Link Designer, a Balloon Column Calculator, a Balloon Arch Calculator and a Ceiling Fill Calculator.

Quick Link Designer.

This is a very comprehensive tool that allows us to create three different styles of 
Qualatex® Quick Link walls and structures, such as letters or numbers. I know that I am not very confident when creating designs with Quick Links and this is going to be a fabulous help for me!

Chris has produced some short, easy-to-follow and understand video tutorials, I recommend that you watch them first before you start to play with the software.

Balloons Online Design Tool - Introduction

Balloons Online Design Tool - 12" Quick Link Grid

Balloons Online Design Tool - 12" X-Pattern Designer

Balloons Online Design Tool - 6" Grid Designer


Balloon Column Calculator

This is a great tool, it allows us to calculate the number of balloons required to make a 4-balloon cluster Column. All you have to do is add the height that you wish your column to be and to what size you want your balloons inflated and the calculator tool will tell you how many clusters of balloons and the number of balloons you will need!

Balloon Arch Calculator

Here you have a choice of type of Arch you are planning to make: A String of Pearl or Garland Arch.
I love these tools, the String of Pearl Arch tool will really help many people when working out how many balloons they will need for their Arches - it even allows for gaps between balloons! All you have to do is add the height and width of the arch, then the inflated balloon size and the gap length if appropriate. The tool will give you the total Arch length and the number of balloons you will require to make your Arch!

The Garland tool will calculate the total number of balloons required when making a 4-balloon cluster garland. Once again, it's super easy-to-use, making calculating for a Garland so very quick!

Ceiling Fill Calculator

This is such a fantastic tool. Last year I had to quote a few times for a room filled with balloons! Luc Bertrand, CBA of WaW Balloon in Vichte, Belgium, very kindly helped me with his system and it was perfect! If you missed this post, click HERE.
Chris has created this calculator that will allow you to work out the number of balloons required to fill a ceiling space, and the really great thing is that you can add up to three different sizes of balloons!

Here is a short video clip that will show you how each of these tools work:

Are you ready? Here is a link to the Balloon Industry Design and Calculator Tool, click HERE.

I have already bookmarked this address to my desktop, so I can find it very easily when I need it!

A huge thank you to Chris for creating such fabulous software and for sharing it with the balloon industry.

I know that Chris is very happy for any feedback. You can either leave comments on the blog or contact him directly at

Happy Ballooning!



Luc bertrand said...

after 10 minutes discovering, I can already say: I am officially impressed

Chris Adamo said...

Thank you Luc! I really appreciate your feedback. know there will be some errors and there most certainly will be more to add going forward! (duplet square pack design etc) so any feedback is most appreciated.


Christine Maentz, CBA said...

Chris, I'm a big fan of your (of Sue too!)! I can't wait to explore this tool/software! So timely too - I've got a big numbers project to work on. Thank you so, so very much!

Brenda Fink, CBA said...

Chris, You are AWESOME! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I love the new tool and look forward to more.

Vadeglobos Decora tu Fiesta said...

Chris, Thank you very much you are very kind to share.
I was fascinated

Barry Revell , CBA said...

Just looking over this link now LOVE IT AMAZING tool , Thanks Chris you are awesome mate . Went 3hrs in colouring in with pens on the quick link pattern template for my design for ABC 2017 Austarlia and also used for setting up design for customers. So much faster now .

Lis CBA Beyond Balloons said...
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Lis CBA Beyond Balloons said...
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Lis CBA Beyond Balloons said...
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Lis CBA Beyond Balloons said...

Mine Craft of the Balloon world...I love it Chris. hahaha. Thanks Mate!!

Lis CBA Beyond Balloons said...

Sorry I don't know what happened to my Minecraft post. LOL but great work Chris. Love it mate.

Sandy's Balloon Decor said...

Just played with it for a few minutes. Loved it, however, I was wondering if there is a clear all button? thank you

Splendid Balloons said...

WOW. What an amazing tool! Thank you both!

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