Monday, May 22, 2017

Setting The Scene with Fabulous Balloon Arches.

Design by David Saker, CBA.
As a balloon decorator, Balloon Arches are a big part of our everyday business. David Saker, CBA, of, regularly sells multiple Garland Arches for sporting events such as this recent cycle race that was held at Windsor Racecourse in the U.K. David was commissioned to build fifteen Arches to mark the start and finishing line of the race. Each Arch was built using the AeröPole System, a fantastic system for creating air-filled Arches that still gives the free moving appearance of a helium-filled Arch, and is perfect for outdoor events!

Arches are such a fabulous way to set the scene, bringing attention and colour to an event. When used outdoors, they work fabulously well for sporting events, the opening of new stores, and to indicate where an event is happening! Indoors, they are often used for entrance decor, welcoming and greeting guests as they arrive at their function. For theme events and parties, they can create a big statement and are often used as backdrops and photo opportunities.

The great thing about Arches is that we can make them in so many different ways. Here are some great examples of balloon Arches that have been "embellished" — which is to be made more interesting by adding extra decorative detail, which is something that I love to do with my Arch designs.

"Flower Embellished Arch."
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA.

This Arch is very elegant, and perfect for formal black tie events. The pattern created by the placement of the red latex balloons creates a wavy, asymmetrical line that shows perfect rhythm and motion within the design. The use of the Qualatex® Taper balloon flowers adds a whole new dimension to this Arch using Microfoil®  balloons and shape, as there is a huge contrast between the roundness of the latex balloons versus the pointedness of the Tapers.

"Colourful Candy Suprise."
Designed by Cam Woody, CBA.

When I first saw this Arch it was love at first sight, and I could not wait to have the opportunity to make one myself! Making an Arch solely out of Microfoil balloons is challenging. Firstly, you need to step out of your comfort zone of the formal placing and sizing of latex balloons, much like the organic style decor we see much of today, but there is also the technical issue of securing the balloons to the frame. 

"Game-Winning Goal."

This is another version of an all Microfoil balloon Arch! Once again, this design has a huge visual impact by using a range of Stars 36", 20", and 9" Stars and the 36", 18" and 9" Soccer Ball round.

Mickey Mouse Polka Dot Arch
Designed by Cam Woody, CBA.
Who could not adore this fabulous Mickey Mouse-inspired Arch! Cam has used one of my favourite latex balloons, 11" Polka Dots to add fun and excitement to this awesome Arch! I expect you're wondering how the 3' balloon is so neatly placed in the centre of the Arch? A little bit of balloon magic, of course! 

"Fun on the Farm."
By Keith Stirman, 
CBA, and Dominic Cassady, CBA.
"Jungle Arch."By Keith Stirman, CBA, and Dominic Cassady, CBA.
Fun on the Farm and Jungle Arch are two really fun entrance Arch designs that would be perfect for a children's party. They would also make great photo frame opportunities, too! I love the way that Keith and Dom used the 14" animal foil heads to bring in the farm and jungle characters. The use of 260Qs and 350Qs also add great visual movement and colour to each of the Arches! Once again, we have a 3' balloon positioned in the centre of each of these Arches. More magic required!

Here are a few more fun Arch ideas for themed children's parties.

"Pirate Towers and Arch."
Design by Sue Bowler

Take two columns topped with 40" "Pirate Ships" and add a simple Bubble Balloon® Arch to connect them together! This Arch would create a fun entrance to any Pirate party and makes the perfect photo backdrop, too! 

"Princess Party Castle Arch."
Design by Sue Bowler, 
For the girls, how about creating a lovely Princess Castle Arch! This design was made using Qualatex QuickLink Balloons® to create the two Wild Berry Towers connected together with a simple Robin's Egg Blue Arch, topped with an 18" Magenta Heart.

And finally, the Worlds Largest Balloon Arch
Created, constructed, and financed by Greg Arrigoni CBA Unique Balloons St. Paul Minnesota.
Built for an event called The Grand Excursion July 3 2004. The Grand Excursion was to commemorate the original Grand Excursion 150 years earlier. The excursion came up the Mississippi River 450 Miles, and 54 cities were involved in the festivities, with St. Paul being the final stop.
"I wanted to go across the river with the arch, but 2 weeks before hand, the power company stepped in and said they have 140,000 volt power line on north side of river, and I was not coming anywhere near it.
I dealt with Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers, Highway Department, Parks, City, City Risk Management, Police, lightening protection company, FAA, put balloons in a wind tunnel at University of Minnesota Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics division, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and sent a letter to President.
We used 1404 Qualatex 3foot balloons that were Hi-Floated, 30 - 4foot balloons, 65 tanks of helium, 27 family, friend, and balloon professionals created this 600 foot wide x 340 foot tall masterpiece. The plan was to fly all weekend, but mother nature had other plans."

Balloon Arches have so many uses and can add so much fun and excitement to an event. I love to see the many different ways that an Arch can come to life with the addition of a few extra elements.

For more inspiring arch designs, visit the INSPIRATION section on the Qualatex website. If you are a QBN Member you are able to download high-quality images of each of these designs simply by signing into the QBN Members area on the website.

Happy ballooning!



Christine Maentz said...

I would like to ask David if he secures the poles into the bases. Last year I had 2 very near misses which could have been disasters. Both my 35ft arches were set in a park where thousands of kids were present. My arches were beautiful and for some reason, I decided to check where the pole comes into the base. The arch just slipped out of the base pole and I caught it with much difficulty. It was ready to spring and hit someone. We remedied the situation as best we could. Both arches were coming out of their pole bases. I called Aeropole and he told me that I should just 'rig" the system to hold the poles in the bases. That didn't make me happy.For what this equipment cost, it shouldn't have to be rigged. Major design flaw if you ask me.

Unknown said...

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