Monday, July 24, 2017

Spot on Trend!

Everyone loves dots! 

Fashions come and go, but the wonderful polka dot remains a firm favourite in many industries, including the party sector.

Some people consider polka dots to be childlike, whereas others feel that they have a retro feel about them. With the introduction of the new Qualatex® Diamond Clear with Gold Confetti Dots and the Diamond Clear with Gold Big Polka Dots, we can add the words "trendy" and "sophisticated" to our list too!

Wow, what a stunning combination, my 2017 favourite 18" "Birthday Pink & Gold Dots" Microfoil® balloon, with the equally wonderful "Gold Confetti Dots" latex balloons. I can see us selling many of these gorgeous balloon bouquets!

11"— "Gold Confetti Dots" Diamond Clear #55450.
11" — "Gold Big Polka Dots" Diamond Clear #55452.

18" — "Birthday Pink & Gold Dots" #49164

If you have not seen the fabulous 2017 Qualatex Autumn and Winter balloon range yet, you can view it now by clicking HERE.

For decor, how about this fantastic Big Dots & Glitz Birthday Arch designed by Luc Bertrand, CBA, of wAw Balloons in Vichte, Belgium. 

This magnificent milestone Arch is perfect for anyone entering a new decade of life with "Big Dots & Glitz" Microfoils.

Tina Giunta, CBA, of Shivoo Balloons in Melbourne, Australia, wows us with her Baby Toes & Tassels design. She pairs colourful polka dots with coordinating tassels with this on-trend arrangement.

Polka dot balloons are so very versatile and work with so many different themes and occasions. They also coordinate wonderfully with many Qualatex Microfoil balloons!

Don't forget to check out the fabulous new Qualatex website for more amazing design ideas in the NEW Inspiration page.

I would love to see your favourite designs using Qualatex Polka Dot balloons! 

Happy Ballooning!



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