Friday, August 4, 2017

Stuart Davies on Disney and the Pride London Parade.

Photo courtesy of Disney U.K.
After only four years of developing and growing his small family run balloon business, Stuart Davies, CBA, of Beyond Balloons in South Wales, U.K., has already established an enviable client list. Stuart very generously shares his recent experience working with Walt Disney International to create fabulous interactive decor for the Pride London Parade made entirely with Qualatex® balloons!

Stuart Davies at Pride London.

Check out this great video interview with Stuart. It's a fabulous opportunity to learn from another balloon professionals' experience working with a large corporate client on a high profile job. Stuart shares his challenges working with balloons outside and on the move, and also his thoughts on how to develop and grow a successful balloon business.

Preparation work commenced three days before the event, with Stuart spending one day prepping the Disney Logo framework in his workshop, and then two days on site. As you can see, the work area filled up pretty quickly! Stuart worked with a fabulous team of balloon professionals as well as enthusiastic Disney staff who he taught how to inflate and tie balloons — around 13,000 to be precise!

Disney logo made!

Working with balloons is always fun!

Disney U.K. staff on the Pride London Parade.

A big thank you to Stuart for sharing his experience working on this fabulous project and also for imparting so many inspiring business tips. Many balloon companies strive to work with the corporate sector.  Stuart's determination to build his balloon business beyond his small Welsh town is commendable, proving that
location is not necessarily the key to success! 

Happy ballooning!


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