Monday, September 18, 2017

Magical Unicorn - A hot trend and a fabulous new design idea from Luc Bertrand, CBA!

38" Magical Unicorn

If you think that the unicorn is a craze just for children, then you are mistaken. Everyone is unicorn crazy, and it's a trend that is set to stay for a few years yet!

This magical theme is the perfect for birthday parties and Luc Bertand, CBA, of wAw Balloons in Vichte, Belgium, has kindly shared one of his latest designs with the Very Best Balloon Blog!

"Playful Rainbow" Unicorn by Luc Bertrand

Material List

  • 11" Purple Violet Big Stars #38460 - assorted colours
  • 5" White #43607
  • 12" White Quick Links #64151
  • 6" Spring Lilac Quick Link #90200
  • 6" Robin's Egg Blue Quick Link #90424
  • 6" Lime Green Quick Link #90178
  • 6" Pink Quick Link #90180
  • 5" Yellow #43609
  • 260Q White #43962
  • 5" Rose #43600
  • 38" Magical Unicorn #57352

To Make Unicorn Body

  • Make a 4-balloon cluster using the 11" Purple Violet Big Stars inflated to approximately 8". Add a weight into the base.
  • Make 3 x 4-balloon clusters using 5" White inflated to 4".
  • Add one of these clusters into the base cluster.
  • Inflate 2 x 12" White Quick links to approximately 10" and tie together. Connect to the base, and add the remaining white balloons clusters at the centre and to the top.
  • To make the Unicorn tail, inflate one of each of the colours as shown in the picture and decrease the size of each balloon from the Spring Lilac (largest) to the Yellow (smallest.)
  • Inflate the 260Q White balloons to make the arms, add a double pinch twist at the knotted end of the balloon, and secure a 5" Rose inflated to approximately 4". Repeat the process for the second arm. Secure the arms together allowing a little stretch between the knots (see picture 3 above.)
The body of the Unicorn is all air-filled.

The Head
  • Inflate the Magical Unicorn head with helium, and secure to a small weight as shown in picture 1. This will ensure that the helium balloon cannot float away if disconnected from the body and therefore does not break the California Law and follows the Smart Balloon Practice.
  • Cover the weight with an un-inflated latex balloon - Picture 2.
  • Add head to the body - Picture 4.
This is a truly fabulous design and I am sure that they will be very popular with our customers! A huge thank you to Luc for sharing this beautiful design with us all.

Just in case you have not seen the full unicorn range, check out these fabulous new balloons!

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Happy Magical Ballooning!


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