Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine's "Love You" Guy - Step-by-Step - by Sue Bowler, CBA

Sue Bowler CBA - Valentines "Little Guy" design
"Love You" Guy by Sue Bowler CBA

Here is a quick and easy design that would be perfect for Valentine's deliveries. Don’t delay, and make some of these truly cute guys today! Simply change the colours so that it’s perfect for any occasion. I have matched my “little Guy" design to complement the fabulous 22" “Love You Confetti Hearts" Bubble Balloon®.

Material List 

 5" Onyx Black - 9
 6" Wild Berry Quick Link - 1
 5" Wild Berry - 2
 5" Masculine Face - 1
 160Q Blush - 2
 160Q Wild Berry - 2
 160Q Onyx Black - 1
 160Q scraps

Hand Pump



Make a 4-balloon cluster base that is weighted - I like to double stuff each of the 5" Onyx Black balloons and make each balloon a water-weight. Tie together to form a 4-balloon cluster.

Inflate the 6" Wild Berry Quick Link - 5 pumps using a Qualatex® Green Pump. Secure this to the base cluster.

Add a “raisin twist” into the top of the Masculine Face balloon and add a scrap of 160Q to create a fixing point. Inflate the head to the desired size, making sure that it is in proportion to the body.

Connect the head to the body.

Using the 5" Wild Berry, create two “split bubbles” and twist these together to form a cluster. 

Add this cluster in between the body and the head.

Using a 5" Onyx Black, make an “apple twist” and secure with a 160Q scrap. 

You can now connect this to the head. Make sure that you tie the ends tightly together and remove any excess balloon.

Partially inflate the 160Q Onyx Black. Make two small “pinch twists.” Now wrap the 160Q around the base of the hat to form the brim. Twist the 160Q at the point where it fits neatly around the hat and remove the excess 160Q, making sure that it’s connected securely into the double “pinch twist.”

To make the hands, inflate the tip of a 160Q Blush balloon, then secure a partially-inflated 160Q Wild Berry.  

Make two small pinch twists to hide the mechanics. Repeat to make the second arm.

Adjust the arms to the desired length, and tie both arms together leaving a little stretch between the two. 

Slide into position so that they sit neatly either side of the collar.

Add ribbon or a bow to add detail and a helium-filled balloon or a balloon bouquet to complete the design.

Valentine's Guy by Sue Bowler

Don't delay, and make up some of these truly cute guys today! Show them off in your store and if you are an online retailer, post a cool photo of them on your social media channels!

Trade Tip
If you want the 160Qs to last longer, use a tiny amount of HI-FLOAT inside the balloons - it really works! 

Happy Ballooning!