Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pump Up Your Business with this Amazing Tool for Calculating Helium Costs

What can I say! The balloon industry is made up of some truly generous people who want to help other "Balloonies" succeed and grow their businesses successfully!

Last week the fabulous Michelle Severino, CBA, of Party Splendour in Peakhurst, NSW, Australia, sent me a copy of her amazing Helium Cost and Volume Calculator to share with the ballooning community. Michelle says that this tool has been invaluable to her business and hopes that it will help others, too!

The calculator is very easy to use. You will be able to find Michelle's original calculator in both the Qualatex and QBN Facebook Groups in the FILE section in both Excel (PC) and Numbers (Mac) formats (unfortunately, I cannot share these files on Blogger.)

To start, you will need to change some of the fields to suit you and your business. I have marked these on the image below and colour-coded them with descriptions.

Those of you who are more familiar with creating documents using Excel and Numbers will be able to customise this form very easily.

  • CYLINDER SIZE: List all the cylinder names and sizes that you use. The form is currently set up to take three different sizes. 
  • CUBIC FEET: For each cylinder size listed, add the cubic feet volume if you work with cubic feet.
  • PRICE/ Cu ft: Change the currency to suit your country. 
  • CUBIC METERS: For each cylinder size listed, add the cubic meter volume if you work with cubic meters.
  • PRICE/ CUBIC METERS: Change the currency to suit your country
I have customised the Helium Cost and Volume Calculator to suit my business in the UK. I have changed the cylinder sizes to three different BOC cylinders that I use. For each cylinder size, I have added both the cubic feet and cubic meter volumes - I don't think that you need to add both, but I did. I then changed all the currency values to U.K. Sterling. 

I know that this tool will help me greatly when I am quoting for a job and calculating my helium costs.

So, if you are not already a member of the Facebook Qualatex or QBN Groups*, join up and download this great tool!

A huge thank you to Michelle for being so kind and very generous for sharing this fabulous tool. I truly believe that this will help so many businesses who don't already have a helium cost calculator. I am sure that Michelle would love to hear some feedback from you.

Happy Ballooning!


*The QBN Facebook Group is only available to QBN Members and CBAs.