Monday, October 29, 2018

Introducing Toñy Moncada CBA, and sharing a video of one of her fabulous NEW techniques!

Earlier this month I attended the OnArt Event held in Barcelona, Spain. It was a rare opportunity to be able to attend a convention as a guest and not an instructor.

I was very excited to be able to see some of the instructors at work teaching some truly awesome classes! One of the classes that I attended was "Table Settings" taught by Toñy Moncada, CBA of Globofiesta, in Elche, Alicante, Spain.

Rose Gold Table Setting by Toñy Moncada, CBA
Here is one of Toñy's beautiful wedding table settings that she sells
not only as a balloon display but also filled with treats and candies! 

I first met Toñy Moncada in 2008 at the first OnArt Event. Toñy is very passionate about balloons and creative decor. She loves exciting her clients with her fabulous ideas. Toñy's explains that her day-to-day sales mainly come from clients wanting balloons for newborns and birthdays. She specialises, however, in wedding and communion decor. In a six week-period from the end of April to the beginning of June, Toñy says that her store averages 50-60 communions per week!

Toñy told me that she loves to create wedding decor. She feels that her work fills the couple's day with many emotions. All of Toñy's weddings are bespoke, designed specifically to achieve the client's dreams. Toñy loves to build a good relationship with her customers so that she can fully understand their desires and wants.

Flamingo's and Japanese Tree event decor by Toñy Moncada
I love Toñy's Japanese influenced design for an 18th birthday! 

One of Toñy's favourite balloons is the Qualatex® Deco Bubble! 
"Bubbles are so versatile. There are so many beautiful things that you can do with them! They are long-lasting and one of my top-selling balloons!"

Toñy offers some great advice for someone new to the balloon industry.
"To work with balloons, you must feel a passion. Without passion you will not be able to find your creativity. You must also understand how to run a business. This is vitally important for the future success of your business.
Make sure that you build a good relationship with your customers, as this will result in repeat business and good recommendations." 
During Toñy's class, she shared a fabulous technique that I had never seen before. I asked Toñy if she would be happy to share this with the readers of the Very Best Balloon Blog and she agreed! 

Fabulous Unicorn Table Setting by Toñy Moncada
This is one of Toñy's top-selling candy displays for a little girls communion.
There is so much attention to detail within this display! 

Little Unicorn by Toñy Moncada.

Toñy's class was packed with inspiration and some fabulous ideas and techniques. It was such an honour and a pleasure to be able to see Toñy share what she truly loves doing! 

Congratulation to Toñy for her fabulous class and also to OnArt 2018 for such a great event! 

Happy Ballooning!



Unknown said...

In love also with great work of Tony Moncada! I had chance to be on her class at Onart.

Kent Sommer said...

I was married here and it is a fantastic venue. The food, service and mostly the staff at NYC wedding venues were truly amazing. Despite the pouring rain storm, constant emails requesting changes, and nervous energy, these guys delivered the most enchanting night.