Friday, September 20, 2019

There is Much More to Training Events than Education, It's all about being part of the Balloon Family!

I recently returned from two wonderful trips where I had the opportunity to teach at ballooning events. Last weekend I was in Sandefjord, Norway hosted by Petter and Åse Vabog, owners of Ballongbutikken, who were celebrating 30 years in business. And a few weeks before that, I attended the Qualatex Event in Sāo Paulo, Brazil, hosted by Pioneer Balloon Brazil.

The Qualatex Event 2019 Sāo Paulo, Brazil. 

Ballongbutikken 30th Anniversary Event, Norway

As we all know, attending any kind of training event whether it's one day or even several days, is an investment. Obviously it's a financial investment of course, but it's also an investment in your personal time, knowledge, and friendships. Friendships within the ballooning community should never be underestimated. They can be a lifeline when you are having difficulties, or you need help or some friendly advice. There will be people that you meet that will become special and maybe even lifelong friends.

I have worked in the balloon industry for almost 30 years, and during that time I have met many truly lovely likeminded people who are creative, and who are as passionate about balloons and the balloon industry as I am. During this time I have been able to make many friends, some who have become very special to me and who I really enjoy getting to see and spend time with when I am teaching around the world! 

Learning to network and make new friends when you are at events like this can often be as important as actually learning from the classes being taught. 

These two events were both  incredibly special, but for different reasons. The Qualatex Event in Brazil was truly magical. There were many delegates that were fresh to the balloon industry who were overall excited and eager to learn. And with four days of action-packed learning there was plenty of time to forge new friendships!

I just love how warm and friendly Brazilian's are - they're always ready for a big hug! 

In Norway, many of Ballongbutikken customers, who are now probably good friends too, shared some lovely and often touching stories of how Petter and Åse had time and again shown so much kindness, help, and support through their ballooning careers. It was very apparent that these customers were proud to be part of the balloon family.

For me, I always love the opportunity to  spend time with and work with some of my favourite ballooning family! Working at events like this is 100% team work, friendship and 51% fun of course - what else would you expect working with the Q Corner Boys - Keith Stirman and Dom Cassidy.

You may find the thought of attending a training course or other event such as these a little daunting - but  you shouldn't! You'll quickly learn that the balloon industry is nothing but a caring and supportive community. You will meet up with some incredible people, many of who may feel as nervous as you do. But I can assure you that you will quickly  feel very relaxed and enjoy everything that the course or event brings and more! 

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from these two events.

Fabulous entrance decor at the Qualatex Event Brazil by Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA
of JAZ Trading in Queensland, Australia.

Team work makes the dream work! Zoe was starstruck when she got
the truly talented Luiz Carlos da Costa Silva and André Figueiredo
as part of her decor crew! 
Tunico Oliveira of Estação do Balao won first place in each of the competitions
and was awarded Top Designer.

Petter and Åse Vabog at Ballongbutikken 30th Anniversary Event

Jakob Hall passes his CBA Exam - he was 16 years old 3 weeks ago! 

Aloha Tropical Balloon Wall and Decor by Sue Bowler, CBA.
There is a fabulous album of photographs from the Brazilian Event - if you would like to see more click HERE

If you are interested in attending future training courses and events, click EVENTS and remember to change the region to see all that is happening in your area.

Happy Ballooning!


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