Thursday, December 12, 2019

Is it too Early to Talk About Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is probably one of the biggest events for the balloon and party industry. This period offers many opportunities to sell fabulous balloon arrangements and romantic balloon decor! However, February 14 is notorious for sneaking up on us and catching us unprepared after the torrent of events for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve events and parties! 

33" - "Red Rose Bud"

Valentine’s Day is a key commercial event for many retailers in the otherwise stagnant months of January and February, yet according to The Balance, consumers are spending more than ever before on this romantic holiday! 

If you have a balloon shop or store, now is the time to start planning your merchandising opportunities and window displays. Visual merchandising plays a critical role in converting shoppers into buyers. If you are looking for inspiration Pinterest is an excellent tool for creative retail display ideas; use these keywords:

  • Valentine's window displays retail
  • window displays retail store fronts Valentine's Day 
  • Valentines window displays

If you don't have a store, there are still many opportunities for you to demonstrate your expertise, especially in the decoration of other retailers windows, hotels, restaurants and car showrooms! Begin preparing your social media campaigns now to maximise your sales opportunities - remember Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are your "store fronts" and can open the door to many new opportunities! 

If you're looking for on-trend design inspiration, check out the fabulous article in Issue 4 of Balloon Images - 10 Ways to Say I Love You with Balloons.

This article is packed with all sorts of exciting and informative content: Instruction sheets, candy cup ideas, how-to ideas to make on-trend Jumbo Fusion arrangements, a how-to for simple grab-n-go displays of small air-filled treats and much more! 

To see the exciting range of 2020 Qualatex Valentines balloons check out the Valentine's Day & Early Spring Catalogue available on the Qualatex website - click HERE for a direct link.

Please note that not all balloons are available in all territories. Ensure that you view the catalogue that is applicable to your region.

39" - "Adorable Sloth" 

A few tips on how to keep your displays fresh and long lasting! 

When making air-filled displays use nitrogen rather than air for longer lasting balloons. Nitrogen is an inert gas; it is also know as dry air, and it keeps the balloons plump and full with little or no reaction to temperature change, perfect for window and other long lasting displays! If nitrogen is not easy to find, I will often double-stuff balloons (by inserting one balloon inside another and inflating as one) that I am using in displays, this helps to enrich the balloon colours, and also helps to keep the balloons looking fresher for longer. Another great tip is to use Hi-Float® in air-filled balloons that you want to last, such as 160Q & 260Q's that would can lose their plumpness within a few days.

To keep your latex balloons shiny and clear, use Balloon Shine™️, which helps prevent oxidation and add a long-lasting sparkle to your decor.

Use Qualatex® Bubble Balloons™️ and Deco Bubbles. These can float for up to 5 weeks! 

22" "Everything Valentine's"
Finally, how about challenging yourself to learn to twist this beautiful Classic 160Q Rose!

Don't let Valentine's Day creep up on you! If you haven't already started, get planning now! 

Happy Ballooning! 


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Nice ideas.we decorate our office windows every year before Christmas and I am always the one who have to display balloons and items, it is not easy to come up with the creative ways of displaying decorative items for the glass windows.
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