Friday, January 10, 2020

Which Electric Balloon Inflators is Best For You and Your Business - Part 1

Maybe you're just starting out, or maybe you're ready to take your balloon business to the next level! No matter what phase you're in, knowing which air-inflator to buy can be a little bit of a minefield.
Owning a hand-pump should be a given for your balloon business, as it is an essential tool in any balloon artists toolbox. However, having an electrical balloon inflator in addition to a hand-pump will enable you to significantly increase the amount of decor work that you can do.

Premium Balloon Accessories and Conwin  have both developed ranges of equipment for the balloon Industry. I use their products frequently and I want to feature their products in this blog as I feel confident in both their quality and usefulness to balloon artists like me!

I will always recommend that if you are able to attend a balloon training course, event or convention, you should certainly do so. These events will give you the opportunity to work with all kinds of different equipment in order to have a full understanding of how each piece of equipment works and what works best for you! 

Level 1: Basic Electric Balloon Inflators

Premium MicroAir®

This is a small, powerful and economical entry-level electric balloon inflator. 
It's perfect for inflating latex balloons that are 9" and larger in size.

The Premium Micro-Air has a push-down activation and an on-off switch for continuous inflation.

Available in 120 volt for USA, 230V/240V for Europe, UK, and Australia. CE approved for Europe and UK. This inflator is covered by Premium's 1-year conditional warranty.

Premium Mini Cool Aire®, “Dual Pro™” Inflator

This is another excellent beginner-friendly electric balloon inflator, and offers more even more features than the Premium MicroAir.

This inflator is not only perfect for inflating latex balloons, but is also good for air-inflating foil balloons with self-sealing valves. It inflates the foil balloon without causing any damage to the valves - which can easily happen when using inflation equipment that has not been specifically designed to inflate valved balloons.

This inflator has one speed for lower pressure and cooler inflation of foils and another for higher pressure, high-speed inflation of latex.
It has push-down activation and an on/off switch for continuous inflation.
It is available in 120-Volt and 230/240-Volt versions. CE approved. 1-year conditional warranty.

Level 2: Multi-Nozzle Electric Balloon Inflators

The inflators that I have featured above are both single outlet inflators - which means that you can inflate only one balloon at a time. Imagine how many more balloons you could inflate if you used a multi nozzle inflator!

Premium Cool Aire® 4 Balloon Inflator 

The Cool Aire 4 is a powerful inflator that can easily inflate 5˝ latex balloons and larger. It has three “Speed-Switch” settings: high-pressure for small latex, to low-pressure for large latex.
When you are not using all the nozzles, you can cap them to close them off, which will make the machine work faster. This inflator comes with high quality, padded protective carrying case. It also comes with two hands-free foot pedals when operated by multiple users. Ideal for inflating balloons for organic decor, balloon drops and arches.
120 volt for USA, 230V/240V for Europe, UK, and Australia.
CE approved for Europe and UK, with pending EPCS approvals for Australia.
1-year conditional warranty.

Conwin Air Force 4™ Inflator

Suitable for use with all sizes of latex balloons, this powerful inflator is well suited for many types of balloon decor jobs. It can be used with a foot pedal or continual-air blower, and is designed to maintain a fixed temperature and will not overheat on large jobs. It also has a Large Balloon Inflation Hose that can be attached to any of the outlets, and will quickly allow you to inflate 16″ latex balloons and larger in 1/3 of the time. 

Now you see why balloon professionals use these products! The Premium Cool Aire 4 and the Conwin Air Force 4 inflators are easily the most efficient way to inflate multiple balloons!

None of these featured air-inflators will accurately size balloons, so for precision inflation I would recommend using a balloon-sizing box such as the Qualatex® Balloon Sizer in conjunction with all of these inflators.

To find out more about each of these machines, visit or or talk to your preferred balloon distributor/wholesaler. 

Happy Ballooning!