Friday, February 28, 2020

Balloon Mosaic Frames - Another Ballooning Trend for 2020!

Who else loves these beautiful structured frames? Although not something completely new, Balloon Mosaics™️ and Mosaic Frames for Balloons is another balloon trend that is set to grow! 

Mosaic Number Design created by WOW Balloons
in DFW, Texas, USA.
Self-confessed "Pink" devotee and lover of all things party Lilly Jimenez, founder of The Creative Heart Studio, has used her artistic skills and design background to create the fresh approach that is Balloon Mosaics. 

Unicorn Balloon Mosaic by Lilly Jimenez

Rewind to February, 2017 when Lily shared one of her first projects, Unicorn Kisses and Rainbow Wishes. In this beginning experience she displayed her inspiration and design ideas to create a beautiful Unicorn theme party, and her first Balloon Mosaic was born. To read the full article simple click on link above or visit 

If you would like to learn how to make this Pineapple Balloon Mosaic, Lilly gives complete instructions in the 
how-to video below. 

Lilly has a wonderfully extensive selection of Balloon Mosaic templates available to purchase. To see the full range click HERE

As with all great new trends, it does not take too long until an idea or concept begins to gain traction in it's popularity. Last year at the Qualatex Event Mexico, Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA, of Jaz Trading, Queensland, Australia used mosaic frames as part of her entrance decor for the event! The frames were beautifully hand-crafted by Garlis Bolivar, CBA, of La Globeria in Mexico City, Mexico.

Zoe wanted to do something a little bit different from the norm and created an "out of the box" look with her letters! 

Here are some of Zoe's Fabulous "Out of the Box" Mosaic Letters 

Luc Bertrand, CBA, of WAW Balloons, Vichte, Belgium is also teaching attendees of his What's Hot Air-Filled Fun class how to make foam board structures, along with other framing techniques. For more information on Luc's course click HERE

It is now possible to buy Mosaic Frames for Balloons that only require assembling and filling. These kits are made from a hard Styrofoam that forms the base of the decoration frame. These are first created in puzzle-like pieces that fit together and then securely glued using a low temperature/cool melt glue gun. The edges are made from a corrugated cardboard roll, which is glued in position. These frames are available to purchase through a number of distributors worldwide. Click HERE to find out more. Balloons are not included with the kits.

Easy to follow instructions are included in every kit.

This is only a small selection of the frames that are available for purchase.

I have yet to make a Mosaic frame, but I think that when I do, I will start with the ready- made frame that requires little assembly for my first attempt. Maybe in the future I will attempt to make my own. I am excited to begin exploring this technique, and to discover the pro's and cons of remade and DIY mosaics.

Happy ballooning!

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