Friday, May 29, 2020

Part 1. Baby Moon Design - Step-by-Step Tutorial - How to Make the Frame

The frame is probably the most important part of any frame based design. Get it right, and your design will look amazing! But getting wrong - out of proportion, or the wrong shape, can lead to you being disappointed with the end result.

Frame Material and Equipment List:

  • 1 x 3m length - 6mm or 1/4" Aluminium Rod 
  • Pipe or Bolt Cutters
  • Gaffa or Duct Tape
  • Pipe Bender if you have one but it's not essential
  • NOT (Lamp) Base - this is an inexpensive IKEA (lamp) product that many balloon professionals use to support designs.
  • NOT (Lamp) Pole x 1 (If you don't have access to an IKEA NOT Base and Pole you will need to find a good, similar alternative.) 
  • White Floral Quick Drying Spray Paint 
  • String or ribbon to measure
  • Circular Template - such as a hoop

Balloon Material List:

Although I am not adding the balloons in Part1. here is a list of the balloons and accessories that I will be using so that you can get them prepared for when your frame is ready! 

  • 18" Baby Girl Pink Stripes Microfoil Balloon
  • 11" White - only a few for the cloud base
  • 5"  Pink or Rose 
  • 5"  Pearl Pink - optional
  • 5"  White 
  • 5"  Pearl White - optional, but it does give a slightly different textural look to the plain white
  • 5"  Diamond Clear - approximately 10
  • 7"  Chrome Gold - approximately 10
  • 260Q Chrome Gold - approximately 15
  • 260Q Pink - 4-5 

All the balloons that I am using for this design are Qualatex -

Gold Confetti - ideally a small square cut
Hi-Float - I like to use the new 148ml (5oz) bottle as the nozzle is perfect for 5" and 260Q
Castration Pliers - ideal 'Stretching Tool' for balloons - available through some balloon wholesalers, Amazon, and farming supply companies.

I will be using a Premium Twin-Air Sizer to inflate the balloons, as it will allow me to use the "10th's of a seconds" timer adjustment to give me the perfect graduated sized balloons. Using a hand pump is not so easy to get the precision for this design.

Part 2 is now available! Just click on the link below!

Happy Ballooning! 

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