Thursday, August 20, 2020

Welcome Back to School - Balloon Decòr to Bring Smiles to those Returning to School

Back to School Decor by Balloons by Paris Party
Back to School Decòr - Balloons by Paris Party in Paris, Texas, USA.

For many children returning to school, starting nursery or Kindergarten it can be an exciting time, a new era in their school life chapter. But this may not be the case for all. Due to the global pandemic, a significant number of children will have been away from the school environment for many month and there will be those children who will be feeling anxious or even frightened. 

Schools and their dedicated teachers will be working hard to ensure that the children feel confident and comfortable to return, especially with all the new procedures that they will need to follow to ensure everyone's safely. 

Back to School is a major business for many retailers - school uniforms, creative stationary and fancy lunch boxes are part of the merchandise that is important in this time.

As balloon professionals we can offer other ways to bring a little fun and excitement to a child's first day back at school, helping to make it a happy and memorable experience!

Balloons at Home

In most households, there is a mandatory first day of school photo, usually taken outside the house on the doorstep. However, this year, families are looking to make this occasion even more special! Offering 'Back to School' balloon decor and arrangements will certainly bring a smile to any child or teenager's face, and make them feel super special too! 

Amy Broadley of Balloonies Falkirk, in Scotland, has had great success offering beautifully decorated Bubbles to her customers when their children returned to school earlier this month.

Personalised Balloon by Amy Broadley of Balloonies Falkirk, in Scotland,

Personalised Balloons by Amy Broadley of Balloonies Falkirk, in Scotland,

Qualatex® Deco Bubble Balloons™️ are the perfect balloons to create magical and memorable personalised balloons. They are extremely versatile, giving you the ability to add beautiful coloured 5" balloons inside... along with many other things too! Personalising balloons make them especially meaningful to the recipient.

Qualatex Chrome 20" Star Balloons are also perfect for personalising! Available in:

Chrome Silver

Chrome Gold

Chrome Mauve

Chrome Purple

Chrome Blue

Chrome Green

To learn how to apply vinyl easily to a Bubble Balloon, watch Chris Adamo's helpful step-by-step video below.

Welcome Back to School - Balloon Decòr

A simple yet effective dècor option is greeting the children back to school with fabulous 'Welcome Back' balloon decòr. We all know that balloons create a sense of excitement and expectation when attending an event or party, so the same would definitely apply at school too! 

Luc Bertrand, CBA, of WaW Balloons in Vichte, Belgium shares some of his Back to School inspiration using a combination of Qualatex and Northstar Balloons.

Northstar Balloons A-B-C with Emoticon Winking Display by Luc Bertrand
For Northstar Balloons Product Selection, Colours and Codes Click HERE

Back to School Design by Luc Bertrand, of WaW Balloons in Vitchte, Belgium
'Back to School' Pencils and ABC Blocks by Luc Bertrand 

Check out Luc's video. Part 1. Luc demonstrates how to make the mosaic balloon box and how he spray paints the foil letter balloons.

In Part 2. Luc demonstrates how to make pencils with balloons and demonstrates 2 different distortion techniques to make the tips.

In Part 3. Luc explains how to make an ABC yard art design.

"Welcome Back"School decòr by Infante Creations Balloon Decor

"Welcome Back" School decòr by Infante Creations Balloon Decor

Making decòr to match school colours is definitely a great way to make it even more enticing to the schools! 

Balloons by Paris Party in Paris, Texas, created these fun and vibrant Balloon Columns. I'm a little bit in love with the Apple and Inchworm column - perfect for juniors and younger pupils.

Back to School Balloons by Balloons by Paris Party in Paris,

Avital & Nir Schechter of Balonir in Israel believe that there is no better way to open the school year than with joyful and colourful balloon designs that will welcome the children when they arrive at the entrance of the school institutions. They have created a fabulous range of decor (see below) that will definitely bring smiles to the children's faces.

Back to School Balloon Wall by Avital & Nir Schechter of Balonir in Israel
'Welcome Back' Balloon Wall by Avital & Nir Schechter

Vibrant Rainbow Entrance Arch by Avital & Nir Schechter of Balonir in Israel
Avital Schechter, CBA & Nir Schechter, CBA, with one of their beautiful school entrance arches.

Welcome Back to School Balloon Wall by Avital & Nir Schechter of Balonir in Israel
'Welcome Back' Balloon Wall by Avital and Nir Schechter

Balloon Mosaic™️ & Balloon Mosaic Frames

Balloon Mosaic style of decor is very popular and definitely on-trend. These 'Back to School' frames are simply perfect. Their diversity allows them to be used as part of a display, or maybe used in a Balloon Wall or Balloon Arch design. The fabulous letters shown in the photograph below are 16" Northstar Balloons painted with Colorshot General Purpose Spray Paint, to attain these wonderful vibrant colours.

Back to School Decor by Creative Heart Studio
The Pencil Balloon Mosaic Digital Design Template is available to purchase click HERE for a direct link or visit

School Colouring Pencil Decor by Creative Heart Studio
Crayon Balloon Mosaic Digital Design Template available from
Creative Heart

Giving a child a balloon on the day that they start or return to school is a simple way to get their year off to a happy start. It creates a fresh start for a new academic year! Even more, decorating schools with welcoming balloon decor may become a popular annual event, and one that would definitely be worth preparing for and marketing every year.

And let us not forget the teachers! It will also be a strange and challenging time for them also. So how about showing teachers thanks and appreciation for being dedicated to their job, without doubt they will love being remembered! 

Cam Woody designed this heartfelt 'Thank You' design with added messages and cool little touches all neatly presented in a little wooden crate.

While there are many schools that have already returned to school, there are still those who are still on summer breaks or in lockdown, so hopefully there will still be opportunities!

Happy ballooning everyone! 


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