Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Glen LaValley shares his Festive QuickLink™ Christmas Tree Design!

"I created an easy QuickLink Christmas tree, with the Gold foil 3' topper, it came out to over 14' high by about 10' across. I hope that you enjoy making it and have a great balloony Xmas!" - Glen the Balloon Guy

I just wanted to share this fabulous QuickLink Christmas Tree that was designed and created by Glen LaValley, of Glen the Balloon Guy in Edmonton, Alberto, Canada. Glen recently shared this great design with instructions on how to make it in the Qualatex Facebook Group, and I asked Glen if I could also share his design with you today! 

To make this design you will need the following items:

  • 96 x 12" Green QuickLink balloons
  • 84 x 11" Green Round (80 fillers and a 4-balloon cluster for the top)
  • 114 x 5" or 11" Ornaments - make these into duplets (the size of the balloon you use will depend on how big you inflate the 12" QuickLinks.
Please note that this design can be made smaller by using 6" Green QuickLinks, 5" Green round balloons for the fillers, and 5" round balloons for the 'ornament' duplets.

Step 1. Using the 12" QuickLink balloons, inflate the vertical chains as shown below: 

Step 2. Using the QuickLink balloons,  inflate the horizontal chains as shown below

Step 3. Position the vertical and horizontal chains to create the tree shape. You will probably find this easier to do if you add in the 'ornament' duplets as you go to lock the design in place. 

The colours that you use and size of the duplets is your choice. 

To complete the design, make a 4-balloon cluster using the remaining 4 x 11" balloons to the same size as the filler 11" and add this to the top of the tree design. 

Finally top the tree with a 20" or 36" Gold Microfoil Star!


  • At the end of each QuickLink chain, use a Sharpie to mark the row and column number (R1, R2, C1, C2…).  This will help you keep the chains organized when you twist them together.
  • With 260Q’s, tie down the ends of the first QuickLink to the legs of the tables (if working on tables), or use weights tied to the on the ends of the chain, to stretch out the chain.  This will keep the QuickLink chains from bending inwards and help keep the pattern stable while twisting the chains together.
  • Pre-inflating, then re-inflating your balloons to the desired size will help the balloons to last longer for your sculpture.

A huge thank you to Glen for sharing his fabulous design! 

Happy Ballooning! 


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