Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mother's Day Social Media Marketing Ideas- Are you Ready?

Are you ready for Mother's Day? Contrary to popular belief, Mother's Day is celebrated on various dates around the world. However, with less than two weeks until we celebrate Mother's Day in the UK, it's important that we spend this time ramping up our social media activity to ensure maximum sales! 

Firstly, have you updated your Business Facebook Page cover? A Facebook cover is the equivalent to a shop window for a business page. Online shoppers look at it for a second and make a decision whether to stay on the page or not. Moreover, it can also work as a small landing page, a call-to-action visual and an event announcement. You can easily make your own Facebook covers using Canva: I made the one above and it took me about 5 minutes. If you would like to learn how, watch the 7 minute video below.

If you don't feel confident enough to create your own, Qualatex has impressive ready-made covers available for anyone to use! Simply visit the Marketing Materials section on the Qualatex website. They are free, and quick and easy to download! There are many different covers to choose from, for all occasions! 

Social media posts are really important to remind everyone that Mother's Day is on the way! 

Here is a selection of different styles of posts. It's important to keep them varied and interesting! 

Make sure your visual content is appealing. With all the content that you share with your audience, you always want share your best. Make sure your visual quote looks attractive and nice.

I made this visual quote once again using Canva, I found the quote that I wanted to use and then framed it using one of the pretty borders in ELEMENTS. 

Qualatex has even more applicable ready-made marketing materials that you can download. The great things about these materials is that once you have downloaded them, you can personalise them any way that you want! You could add your company name and details, or maybe quickly draft a message and a reminder that Mother's Day is coming! To find all the social media posts click HERE or visit

Don't forget to use creative #hashtags to get your posts noticed! Here is a selection of #hashtags that you could use:


Remember that Mother's Day is a celebration for women in all walks of life, so maybe create a posts that celebrates;

Mum's to Be

I hope that has helped you even just a little and I wish you every success with Mother's Day!

Happy Ballooning!

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