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Hello Summer! Tropical Decor Ideas for Summer Events and Parties! 🏝

The best part about throwing a party in the summertime is that there are endless options when it comes to summer party themes.  

Tropical themes are always popular! Exotic fake foliage, big tropical flowers, flamingos and toucans are all perfect for a sun-sizzling event.

Tropical Theme Decor by Sue Bowler

The tropical theme include strong and vibrant colours as featured above or soft and pastel as featured below! 

Tropical Theme Party Backdrop by Sue Bowler, CBA

I love the Qualatex tropical theme balloons, my favourite is the 46" Pink Flamingo (#57807) as featured in both of my designs above. I am also a little bit smitten by this 14" Mini Flamingo, which is looks great in centrepiece designs.

Mini Pink Flamingo
Size and shape: 14"
Flat item #: 10464

Using bright, vibrant colours as Chris Adamo, CBA, of The Balloon Crew, in Sydney, Australia has done here truly shouts SUMMER! 

"All the Bright Pretty Things" by The Balloon Crew, Sydney, Australia

Adding vibrant paper streamers and other fun hanging elements to a garland can take the design to a whole new level.

This next design may be a little bit difficult to reproduce (we can all aspire to it!) but it's definitely worth sharing! This incredibly beautiful design is by Kanako Takanashi of Merry Balloons, Japan. This design won first place in the Balloon Stand category at JBAN 2015 (Japan Balloon Artists Network Convention 2015.)

Brightly coloured birds and butterflies perch atop a tree in this winning balloon stand.
Design by Kanako Takanashi of Merry Balloons, Japan.  

Tropical Birthday Designs

Personalised Tropical Birthday arrangement.
Designer name: Eve Antonello, CBA, Pioneer Balloon Company, Wichita, KS, USA

For customers wanting a bit "more," this easy-to-assemble luxury design is sure to please.

There's nothing sweeter than a Balloon cocktail and foodie treat! 

This fancy cocktail glass design is by Federico Onida, CBA, Balloon Express Shop - Cagliari, Italy

Federico uses double-stuff latex colours into Diamond Clear latex to create this frosted glass effect! 

Watermelon anyone? This creative buffet table set-up is by Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA, of JAZ Trading in Queensland, Australia  - who's loving that slice of watermelon 🍉

How gorgeous are these Pineapple Balloon Marquee displays by Lilly Jimenez of The Creative Heart Studio? 

And finally, I just wanted to share with you a design that I created for a training course a few years ago. I like to do my designing on my computer first before I even touch a balloon. It gives me the opportunity to get a sense of how the end result will look! 

And here is the end result! 

I absolutely love creating design with a tropical theme! You have so many ways to create something exciting, vibrant and fun! 

I hope that this post has inspired you a little to Crete some of your own tropical decor!

🦩🦩 Happy Ballooning!🦩🦩

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