Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Baby Bear Air-Filled Delivery Design with Step-by-Step Video Instructions, Product List and Job Cost Form

Baby Bear Design by Sue Bowler

As many of you have seen, I created a Baby Bear display at the recent Spring Fair. This new 31" Baby Bear Microfoil™ balloon is so cute and appealing, and perfect to recreate this charming 'Balloon Buddy' design for New Babies, Birthdays and even Mother's Day displays!

Material List

4 x 7" Chrome Rose Gold
1 x 18" Rose Gold Round Foil Balloon
2 x 16" Blush (1 x body 1 x sand weight)
6 x 5" Pearl Peach
6 x 5" Pink (the pink goes inside the Pearl Peach)
2 x 350Q Blush
1 x 260Q for tying 
1 x 31" Baby Bear Special Shape Microfoil 
Stretchy Balloon Tape

I have also added a prepared Job Cost Form to this post: all you need to do is add in the values and you will be able to quickly calculate a profitable selling price! 

To learn how to create this design, check out Sue's video below.

Sue's Window Display at Spring Fair 2023

I recently made a Panda Bear version, which is also very cute! 
Panda Bear with Pastel Rainbow 

I hope that you enjoy making these and maybe even adding your own personal touch to the design - I look forward to seeing them! 

Happy Ballooning!

Sue Bowler
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