Monday, February 18, 2013

Shoestring Marketing - Tear Off Fliers

Over the next few weeks, I thought that it would be good to look at some different marketing ideas on a 'shoestring'! Rather than create one long blog, I have decided to post each idea in bite size pieces, so that you can take each one and see if they will work for you and your business!

Marketing tips
Tear- Off Fliers

Here's a great but simple marketing idea, create your own 'Tear-off Flyer'.

 Let's looks at the pro's...

  • You can target your advertising campaign. The flier that I have created as an example could be taken to play groups, school nurseries, libraries, or community halls and church groups where play groups meet and hopefully all with a noticeboard! All you need to do is some research as it's your local market that you are targeting! 
  • Add an incentive, people really like something for 'free'! Use the tear-off tabs as a way to 'measure' the success of your campaign! The 9" Smile Face foil is just perfect for this as it will appeal to the market that you are targeting! Remember to use this balloon as a marketing tool too, and add your company details, either with a small sticker or your business card attached to it! Yes, it's going to cost you each time you give one away, but consider this as a marketing expense, and remember, this could be a new customer and potentially a customer for life, as if they have young children there will be many birthdays, milestone events and the list goes on!
  • Make your advert fun and with enough information to appeal. 
  • Add any conditions in small print... only 1 balloon per order!
  • Add your business address, telephone number, website address and facebook page.
  • Make sure that you add your website or contact details to the tear-off strip as they may forget how to find you!
marketing tips

How to make your own Tear-Off Flier

If you have a MAC and work with PAGES then it's easy as there is a template in the Template Chooser... don't you just love MAC!
If you work on a PC then I would recommend doing a little bit of research as I found various free templates but they all have varying degree's of skills required to use them. There are also companies out there who have free templates, but I really do not want to recommend any in particular or finally, there are print companies who have templates, which are easy to use, and they will print them for a small fee.
Just Google "Tear Off Flyer" or "Tear Off Flyer Templates', there are many different results you can review.

I personally think that if you are trying to get new customers and your business noticed then this is a great way to marketing your business! I also like the fact that you can measure it's effectiveness with customers bringing in the vouchers to get their free 'Smile Face' balloon!

So, with a little bit of creative work on your computer to make your fliers and some leg work to distribute them around your neighbourhood you should be set! What are you waiting for, get started today!

Let me know if this works for you or if you already use this form of advertising as I would love to hear from you!

Happy Ballooning!


Please note that the flier I have created for this blog is just an example.


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