Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mustache or Moustache ... it's a 'growing' trend!

For the past few years we have seen a growing trend... literally!

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Harry, Monty & Big Tom! - by Sue Bowler CBA

 The Mustache, love it or loath it, it's a trend that look set to stay!

How did this more recent trend start... well doing a little bit of research, I would suggest that it might have something to do with 2 'mates' in Melbourne, Australia, who together in 2003 talked their mates into growing a 'Mo' with them, they called their event Movember after the month of November, the month they chose for their challenge! 

This started out as a bit of fun, but today 'Movember' is an amazing charity that has raised almost £100m to date with an aim to support world class men's health programs that combat prostrate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. To find out more about Movember you can visit their website by simply click here!

As with any trend, holiday or celebration the Mustache craze has created an opportunity to design and sell mustache decor and balloons... along with many other mustache accessories!

Here are a few great idea's to help kick off your Movember decor!

How about making a fantastic centrepiece design like this one created by Jill Shortreed CBA of Charleston Balloon Company !...Simply elegant with a little cheeky fun using the 42"  Mustache Qualatex Microfoil shape balloon!


I have had a little play around with the 5" Smile Face Mustache assortment and created the Three fun guys that you see at the top of this blog! Each one just a little bit different!

Harry by Sue Bowler CBA

Harry Moustache - 
Harry works in the city of London and is a 'dapper chappy'!

Monty by Sue Bowler CBA 
Monty Moustache - 
Monty is a flamboyant character,
his favourite colour is Wild Berry!

Big Tom by Sue Bowler CBA           

 Big Tom- is the last of my trio, he is from the US of A and is a Tomato Farmer!

As you can see I have had some fun creating Harry, Monty and Big Tom! The great thing is that you can re-create these fun characters in several sizes as the Smile Face Mustache latex balloons come in both 5" and 11"! To see the great Mustache range check out the latest Qualatex Supplement just click here

Here are a few more designs that I have since made using the 11" Smile Face Mustache balloons with 646Q bodies! I think that they have great personalities :)

So, my challenge to you is to create your own Mustache (Moustache) guy and send you picture to me, so I can add it into the gallery or any other design using one of the great Qualatex Mustache balloons! - email photographs to

Here is a design that I was sent for the gallery, the mustache was drawn on as there is not a Blush version available.

Happy Ballooning!


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