Thursday, June 4, 2015

QBN Beginners Guide

As with all skills we have to start somewhere. In the balloon world people 'find' balloons through different routes.  Some through an already established business, such as a greetings card or gift stores and others more casually through a hobby.

When I started out, I suppose I would have come under the banner of being a hobbyist. I started my balloon business in 1990, I really did not know anything about balloons or how to run a balloon business or any business for that matter, but I was excited about building a business around balloons and that was enough for me to get started.

I was very much a beginner for the first 4 years of my ballooning career and fortuitously for me I was encouraged to join the Qualatex Balloon Network™. Why so lucky? After 4 years I had come to a bit of a crossroads with my business, I was busy enough decorating weddings and parties but I was not making any money and I was beginning to question myself if this was a viable business to be running?

Joining the QBN really helped me to turn my business around. It was the first time that I had ever even considered the business side of running my balloon business. It was a real eye opener and it gave me the knowledge and confidence to start running my business in a professional and profitable way!

You don't need to spend 4 years like me trying to work out how to make balloons into a fantastic as well as profitable business. Just read below and find out more about the Qualatex Balloon Network!

So what is the Qualatex Balloon Network® all about?

The QBN is an educational program designed to help those people whose livelihoods depends on balloon sales. So if you sell inflated balloons, this program will help you to sell more and make more money!

There are very little vocational training opportunities in the balloon industry and the QBN helps greatly to fill this void. The fact that it is web-based and can be done from any location anywhere in the world makes it accessible to everyone. If you don't use a computer there are other options for completing the tests using the paper test option

The program is made up of 3 kits;
QBN Balloon Basics.

Each kit includes informative DVD's that will explain, step-by-step how to create, sell, and price balloon gifts and decor.
The DVD's also make great reference tools down the road and training aids for employees.

With each kit, you will also gain access to an on-line test. Once you demonstrate your knowledge and pass the QBN Balloon Basics test with a score of 80 percent or higher your business becomes a QBN Member Business. This membership gains you access to a wealth of exclusive resources;
  • Video Library.
  • Resource Centre.
  • Members-only section on the Business Boosters.
  • Company listing in the 'Find-A-Pro' directory.
  • Access to detailed instruction sheets.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Registration discounts for Industry Events such as The World Balloon Convention.

You will also get subscription to Balloon Images- a quarterly publication with business and design ideas to help you make more money. Plus you will receive a lapel pin and certificate!

If English is not your first language the QBN programme is available as a Multi-Language Kit Bundle. This kit contains translations in 10 different languages and includes 4 DVD's and online access to translated excerpts from the "Design Basics with Balloons" book.

DVD's are subtitle in: 
Chinese Simplified * Chinese Traditional * Spanish * Greek * Italian * Portuguese * Japanese * French * German * Russian

How has being part of the Qualatex Balloon Network helped some of our members?

Here is what a few of our members say about this program;

"The QBN has so much to offer especially in education which has helped our business to get where it is today. We have learnt and are still learning new skills and designs. We have also received endless referrals from other balloon professionals. 
If you want to be the best and improve your business then you need to join the QBN program.  It has so much to offer with ongoing education, attending conferences at a discount rate, helpful tips, instruction sheets, access to photos, clip art and more.  Being part of this network you are recognised by other balloon professionals that you have the skill and knowledge of your balloons."
John Brew CBA 
John with his wife Bronwin are the owners of 'We Like To Party', Jandakot, Western Australia. They have been working with balloons for 12 years and became a QBN member in 2008. 
"I've actually had my balloon business since 2000. It has always been a passion of mine. I love balloon decor. I just became a QBN member last week after deciding to commit to excellence and nothing less. I knew by joining the QBN that the company and instructors were committed to excellence 
The QBN has helped me in my business in many ways. From instructions sheets, videos, balloon images to provide customers with unlimited possibilities through the eyes of balloons. With Qualatex, you dream it and then we create it with a proven long last product. 
I would encourage everyone thats committed to excellence and nothing less to join the QBN. If your new to the business or old to the business, the QBN has wealth of information for you and your business. Plant the seed in QBN and take your business to another level."
Vickie Leverson-Stanley
Vickie is the owner of Noticeable Occasions, North Carolina, USA.

"Joining the QBN has helped me a lot. I learned lots of useful info from the DVD's and the QBN members link is fab!
I love the QBN Facebook group there are lots of very talented people on there. I use the QBN members section of the website all the time it's filled with lovely ideas and inspiration.
Amy Dennington
Amy is the owner of  'Say it With Balloons', Worksop, UK. She started her balloon business just over 3 years ago and joined the QBN in 2012. While Amy says that is isn't the biggest balloon business in her area, the others have not joined the QBN, so this gives her an advantage!

If you would like to find out more about this great program click HERE. To purchase the  QBN Kits contact your Qualatex Distributor.

Happy Ballooning!



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