Thursday, September 5, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Zoe Adam-Jones - Designer Extraordinaire and CANVA Queen!

I first met Zoe two years ago when I attended the Australasian Balloon Convention in Australia. At that time, Zoe was just starting her wholesale distribution business Jaz Trading. Over the past two years, Zoe has made her mark and continuously contributes to the balloon industry with her fabulous design skills, as well as sharing her digital marketing knowledge, and working tirelessly to protect the balloon industry taking on the role of Director of PEBA - Pro Environment Balloon Alliance.

I recently had the opportunity to work alongside Zoe at the Qualatex Event Brazil and got to know her a little better! 

Zoe very kindly agreed to be included as one of our Very Best Balloon Blog Feature Artists, and has given us insight to her ballooning life! 

Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA,
 Jaz Trading in Queensland, Australia.

When did you first discover balloons?
"I first discovered balloons in 2008. My husband worked for a balloon and party distributor in Australia and I was inspired by a customer of his that had produced a twisting DVD. He bought home a bag of 260Q’s, I was scared of popping them but he said they were designed to be pushed to their limits, unfortunately he chose a bag of Jewel Tone 260Q’s that were super hard to twist and every one I twisted POPPED! At least it started desensitising me to the sound that I would later become a BIG part of my life.  Around the same time I was ready for a career change. After working in HR and Acquisition roles in large corporate businesses, I decided to retrain in Marketing, Communications and Design. In 2009, I took a 6 week contract to work with my husband on a project with the balloon and party distributor that he worked for. I ended up staying for 18 months and fell forever in love with balloons. I became a Certified Balloon Artist and started working with retailers to showcase new products and promote innovative thinking and new ideas with balloons through education workshops."

Stage decor by Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA
Zoe created this fabulous stage decor for the Qualatex Event in Brazil.
Tell us a little about your business.
"JAZ Trading is a wholesale distribution business located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We opened in early 2017 and supply balloons, event florals and paper party to balloon decorators and event stylists. As a distributor, I am in a unique position to mentor and support balloon professionals and small businesses in our industry. Their businesses need to thrive in order for mine to thrive too. I believe that the more successful we are together, the stronger the entire industry becomes." 
Beautiful Baby Girl Balloons and Flowers Design by Zoe Adam-Jones
Beautiful balloons with flowers display by Zoe.

What were you doing before JAZ Trading?
"In 2010, I took a leap of faith and started my own Digital Marketing & Business Consultancy company, Creative JAZ. I primarily worked with small businesses and start-ups to create a digital extension of their business. One of my clients was Pioneer Australia which later led me to become the Queensland Distributor of Qualatex Balloons."
"Laced Heart" by Zoe Adams-Jones
How cool is this beautiful "Laced Heart" design by Zoe! 
How did you learn to work with balloons
"Coming from a family of artists, I've always dabbled in design using different mediums. My Grandfather, my mum and my aunty were all professional artists and paved their way differently as painters. My creative passion really came to life when I entered the balloon industry. It allowed me the opportunity to combine my love for colour, texture, movement, atmosphere and fun with another true love of mine – design.   
I have not been a professional balloon decorator, however my family heritage, my background in design, creativity and eye for colour have transferred perfectly into this medium.  
When I first started 10 years ago, I immersed myself in the industry. For starters, I took a keen interest in what decorators and retailers were doing. I developed relationships with suppliers and absorbed all the information that manufacturers had to offer. The presence of social media wasn’t as strong at that time, so I spent countless hours looking through websites, catalogues, books, and magazines. I studied back issues of Images Magazine for inspiration and techniques and then I joined the QBN and became a CBA. I attended whatever education days and training workshops I could and networked with industry professionals. Then I playedI tried products, combined techniques and gave things a go." 
This elegant rainbow design truly shows Zoe's passion for colour! 
How do you find your inspiration?
  1. Other Balloon Artists - Pick the artists that you love and follow them on social media. Some of my favourites (these are just a few, the full list is VERY long) are Sue Bowler, Cam Woody, Shannon Kilford, Ruti Grodzinsky, Sara Thorne Meyer - I love their attention to detail, their style and their use of colour. 
  2. Google Images, Instagram and Pinterest - I spend countless hours scrolling through feeds and search results. I save images or posts that immediately catch my eye. I also use these channels to search for related themes. For example, I will not just search for balloons… I search for cakes, cookies and décor related to the theme which broadens my exposure to new ideas. 
  3. Colour – Colour is my world! I love to see what I can create by mixing paints… except I don’t use acrylics or watercolours, I use balloons! One of my favourite searches on Pinterest is “colour palettes”. I draw a lot of inspiration from different combinations of colours.
  4. Interior and Landscape Design – these different crafts bring inspiration for combining textures and the placement of elements in a design. I also find them very helpful to identify trends and styles.
  5. Graphic Art – I am inspired by the use of line, typography and colour in graphics. Or I may see an image that I love and then work out how to create that using balloons.  
Zoe sets the scene with this beautiful decor!
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
  1. Hustle and heart will set you apart. That’s not my quote but it is one that I live by. Starting a new business is HARD WORK… And if your heart is in it, you will find it easier to hustle and find the drive and determination to be successful. 
  2. Surround yourself with positive people and have a positive mindset. The right people will pick you up when you need it and you can do the same when they need you. 
  3. Brand recognition is so important to successful marketing. Spend time on your branding from the start. Develop an authentic business image and brand and use it consistently across all mediums. 
  4. Attend AS MANY educational and industry related events as you can. (more on this in a minute 😊)

Arbour Decor by Zoe Adam-Jones

What do you believe is the best way to promote your business?
"Authentic marketing. Work out who you are, align your core personal and business beliefs and promote this to your market. Use all different channels to show the world who you are and why they need your business. Make them feel like they know you and that they are part of what you do. 
Once you work out who your customer is, work out where they are looking for you (eg. Internet search, Instagram, Facebook, Bridal Expo, Function Venues etc) and make sure you are there!  And network! Talk to everyone you meet about what you do, being a balloon artist is such a great topic of conversation and people remember it! Attend industry events and network with other balloon professionals. Refer work to others and they will refer back to you."
Zoe sets the scene with this fabulous "Good Vibes" decor.

How important is social media to your business?
"It is vital to our business. As a distributor, we have a very select range of customers, mostly balloon artists, entertainers, retailers and event stylists. Most of them are using social media for their businesses, so when JAZ trading is on there, we are meeting them where they are already. They are also very visual people who work in an emotive industry. We need to be sure to inspire them and appeal to them with the images we use and content that we create. 
Balloon artists can look at this the same way; Mother’s, Brides, the Personal Assistant to the CEO, the Event Organiser of the local venues, the husband who forgot his wife’s birthday, these are all your potential customers and they are using social media constantly too. So make sure you are there, and that you are posting regularly (that is one thing I am always striving to improve on, posting more frequently.)" 
What are your thoughts on educational events
"They are one of the most important things you can attend in this industry. Not only do workshops and courses teach you new techniques and ideas but I also believe they keep you motivated and provide opportunities to learn from each other. You may meet people who are having similar challenges to you.  Knowledge is power and we never stop learning. Even the most seasoned professional will always pick up a new technique or a different way of doing things. The opportunities for new inspiration and ideas in this industry are amazing."  
Zoe creates this fabulous star using Chrome Gold and Green balloons.
Can you tell us a little about about PEBA and role within it?
"This industry gives me so much more than I could ever give back. This is my livelihood, a community of creative and brave small business owners that inspire and challenge me and friends from all over the world. It is for these reasons and so many more that I feel compelled to give back. I do this through education and training and through my position as a Director of PEBA. We are all being called upon, as citizens of this planet to be more responsible, more sustainable and to think about our actions and behaviours. As an industry, we have to move and change with the times. How do we do this? By accepting responsibility for past practices that no longer serve us or our planet, by changing what we do in our business and by educating our customers and the public. PEBA encourages all balloon professionals to stop the practice of deliberately releasing helium balloons and also to commit to the responsible use and disposal of balloons. This will help to look after the planet and ensure the success of our industry long into the future."

3rd Birthday Party Decor created by Zoe Adam-Jones
Zoe created this fabulous train-themed decor for her son's third birthday!  
Wow, Zoe's ballooning journey has been amazing up to this point, and I am sure this is just only the beginning! 

A huge thank you to Zoe for sharing her story with the Very Best Balloon Blog, and for all that she does for the balloon industry! I know that she has definitely helped me to better understand how to use CANVA, as well as some other cool tips and tricks with social media! 

Happy Ballooning!



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Unknown said...

Totally agree that being authentic is one of the best ways to sell your business. People fall in love with the person and the service, not fake ads and shallow marketing.

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PlexiPoles said...

This is a wonderful story and I cant agree more with every thing that she has stated here. Its very important to look around you, network with others, and research as she has said. This way you use the techniques you learn and use your imagination to create and not just duplicate.
THe designs are just beautiful.
A must read
Thanks for sharing

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