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Are you a Decorator, Twister or Deco-Twister?

When I first started in the world of balloons there was a distinct difference between a balloon decorator and a twister and never did the twain meet! 

However over the years, there has been an increasing overlap between these two worlds in the form of deco-twisting. The term "deco twisting" was first coined in the late 90's by several artists who displayed twisted elements in their balloon decor. However, deco twisting only really started to become popular with balloon artists and customers from around 2010. Ten+ years on, it is more popular than ever, especially when you look at all the detailed Marquee Balloon designs that are extremely popular today where there is always the addition of fabulously twisted details!


Elegant Balloon Marquee Design by  Balloons For Everything in Chicago, IL, US.

Deco twisting takes the basic components of Classic Balloon Decor and incorporates elements of balloon twisting using speciality and entertainment balloons, such as 260Q in the form of flowers, spirals, loops, etc...

This beautiful entrance has been elevated to a whole new level with these vibrant, eye-catching flowers.
Designer name: Alexander Solomatin, CBA, Moscow, Russia, Dmitry Novikov, CBA, Moscow, Russia

Using modelling balloons in our designs allows us to add a layer of visual texture that is  unachievable by using just round balloons. It gives us the opportunity to enhance details, create visual motion and line, and increase the perceived value of our designs.

Perceived Value is an expression that we often hear, but what does is actually mean? 

In marketing terminology, perceived value is the customers' evaluation of the merits of a product or service, and its ability to meet their needs and expectations. Adding finishing touches can really make your designs and business stand out from your competition and for very little extra cost! 

These beautiful Chrome Gold Flowers that remind me of exploding fireworks, not only look spectacular, they also add actual movement to this balloon arch as each of the flowers tendrils sway gently with air-movement. 
Design by Avital and Nir Shechter, CBA's, of Ballooney Nir in Katsrin, Israel.

This style of decor is definitely one of Avital and Nir's signature designs. It looks fabulous when made in elegant, classic colours. Shown above it is made with black with Chrome Gold but it's equally spectacular when made with white and vibrant colours as shown below.

Avital and Nir Shechter 

How cute is this adorable unicorn design by Olimpia Muñoz, CBA of Globos Para, TI, Mexico City, Mexico. The small detail of curls, flowers, ears and horn truly adds the perfect finishing touches to this design.

Number designs have become extremely popular over the past few years. You can really let your imagination and creativity go wild when designing a themed number design like this Number Six - Bee Design created by Eve Antonello, CBA of Pioneer balloon, Wichita, KS, USA.

If deco twisting and making balloon marquees is new to you, and you are a little unsure how to make one, then I recommend that you watch this fabulous class from Jackie Ochitwa, CBA, of With a Twist in Airdrie, Alberto, Canada, that was featured on the Q Corner Balloon Convention earlier this year! If you would like to recreate the design, I have included the product list below! 

Jackie O’s Adorably Mini Marquees - With a Twist

This class will show how Jackie creates her mini balloon marquees from beginning to end. She will demonstrate how she pulls inspiration from Qualatex Microfoil balloons and creates both harmony and balance in her pieces.

Product List

7 - 7” Chrome Copper 
4 - 5” Standard White
4 - 5” Ivory Silk
4 - 5” Green 
2 - 260 Lime Green 
2 - 260 Chrome Copper
1 - 260 Chrome Silver
1 - 260 Emerald Green 
2 - 4” and 9” Microfoil stars in Magenta and Lime
1 - 18" Birthday Cactuses 
1 - 16” Northstar Number
1 - 13” Taper Green Leaf
7 - 160 Wildberry
1 - 6” Lime Green Heart 

Water weight 

It took me a while to become confident in twisting modelling balloons, as there is definitely a bit of skill required to it! Like all things balloon related, those that do it well make it look incredibly easy! As we all know, practice makes perfect, and if you get the opportunity to attend a basic twisting class, then I definitely recommend that you go! 

The ability to add detail to your designs will definitely keep you ahead of your competition and make your work stand out to customers. 

Happy Ballooning! 

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