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Classic Balloon Décor vs. Organic Balloon Décor

When I look at Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels, I see far more displays of organic balloon designs and installations than I do of Classic Balloon Decor. I believe that social media has played a huge part in the rise in popularity for the organic style of décor. So is Classic Décor going 'out of fashion?' Before we look further into this possible change of trend, let us look at what is meant by each of these styles of balloon decoration.

Classic Balloon Décor

Classic Balloon Décor is the building blocks of ballooning, and almost all balloon artists/decorators begin here! It is as basic as learning how to inflate balloons to a specific size, tying a duplet, twisting balloons into clusters, as well as the art of adding balloons to line or framework! Classic Balloon Décor is taught as part of the Qualatex Fundamentals course. Fundamentals is the balloon course for beginners, and it provides the grounding that retailers and decorators need before starting a business that includes professional balloon work. It is also taught as part of the QBN Program (Qualatex Balloon Network).

Striking Balloon Arches by Dianna Glandon, CBA, of Above the Rest Event Designs, 
Knoxville, TN , USA.

So what is Organic Décor?

Organic decor is best described as latex balloons that are styled to mimic the beauty in nature. When a piece has organically, or randomly, sized balloons placed throughout, it adds an elegance within the design that helps set the mood of an event space.

However, organic décor is not created by simply using a range of different sizes of balloons. It consists of  intentionally sized balloons that have been arranged to create a natural flow whilst also ensuring that the principles and elements of design have been applied to ensure that the design maintains rhythm, balance and harmony.

Balloon Decor by Sue Bowler of Balloon Art by Sue Bowler & Nicci Gibson of Balloon Bouquet Events

So is it actually true that there is a greater demand for organic décor, or is it that we are seeing more of it on social media and therefore are led to believe that it is more dominant?

I recently asked some of our QBN members if they are offering Classic Balloon décor more often than Organic Style Décor? Here are some of their responses:

Cindy Chait of Balloons N Beyond, LLC, USA, reports "I do more classic over organic; almost 2 to 1 classic vs organic."

"Corporate customers love Classic Decor!"  is the statement from Nina's Balloons, CBA, in Norwalk, California, USA.

Balloon Columns by Ninas Balloons

Kahla Sharp-Leggett of Altitude Balloon Décor in Naperville, IL, USA. "I love the classic style, and try to steer customers to it. Corporate clients prefer it."

Red, White and Blue Columns by Kahla Sharp-Leggett of Altitude Balloon Décor

"Classic can look fun and hip!"  suggests Rachel Porter, CBA, of Balloon Splendor of Mount Vernon, Washington, USA.


How fabulous is this balloon arch! Rachel describes it perfectly on her website.
 "Bright fun colors served as the entrance decor to an outdoor company picnic at the Microsoft campus. 6 colors in a well-disbursed pattern accented with small round balloons attached to long skinny balloons (balloon bauble accents) made the cold July day not seem so dreary."

 Bob Armstrong, CBA, of Doctor Bob's Balloons Unlimited in Barry, Wales. "We create the same amount of classic and organic. It’s good to offer both."

PRIDE Balloon Decor created by Doctor Bob's Balloons Unlimited
Bob uses Classic Décor to create these fabulous letters to spell out 'PRIDE' for an event in Cardiff, Wales.

Maria Alvarez of Balloon Decorations by Maria, in Los Angeles, California, USA says "I love classic décor. Too bad Customers prefer organic right now hopefully it will pass soon."

Classic Balloon decor is often described as being "Timeless", "fast to create, making it highly profitable", and as a balloon companies "bread and butter" work!

Reading the responses from some of our QBN members, it is apparent that many of them still prefer to offer classic over organic décor. This is mainly because their client base is more corporate-based, and that the classic style of Arches and Columns lend them better décor opportunities for corporate events. However, organic décor can be visually softer and often offers a sense of artistic creativity and elegant movement, which are usually better suited to more personal occasions such as birthdays and weddings! 

I know that there are a number of balloon companies, possibly those who have started ballooning more recently, who only offer organic décor, and equally there are some more established balloon businesses that only offer classic décor! In my opinion, I believe that both are missing out. Being able to offer both styles of decor makes a balloon business more appealing to clients. 

From my own personal experience, I like to mix both styles when decorating, especially corporate events. I love the crispness of classic décor, especially when it comes to building Balloon Walls and Columns. But equally, there is definitely a time and a place for offering organic decor too. 

I designed and created this 'Sculptured Column' for an event I decorated in 2019. The client  loved it so much that they ordered 12 for their forthcoming event later this year!

I love to create balloon walls, they make the perfect photo backdrop. Personally, I prefer the classic style wall compared to an organic balloon wall, however, each event is very different and therefore we should adapt our décor to suit the event and our clients needs. 

Here is a "Yin and Yang" Balloon Wall where I mixed a classic wall with an organic Garland, and I loved the end result!  

So which is your preference, classic or organic?

Happy Ballooning! 


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