Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Maximise Your Sales for Father's Day!

Father's Day is right around the corner, giving us a great opportunity to promote and sell balloons and balloon related gifts for this special day!

Our target market is wives, mums, and children, and let's face it, choosing the right gift isn’t easy. Dads can be tricky to buy for. So what can you do to help them out, and make their choices easy, and the day special for fathers everywhere?

If you own a shop or store, create a fun and exciting window display that appeals to adults and children alike. Your window display is your silent salesperson who constantly promotes and creates many sales opportunities! Display what you want to sell; have a set number of predetermined design ideas that appeal to all budgets, remember, it might be a child spending their pocket money to buy a Father's Day gift.

Much like Valentine's and Mother's Day, many people leave buying their cards and gifts to the very last minute, so why not start a "Countdown to Father's Day" campaign? Use your social media channels and website to remind people that they only have X number of days to place their order. How about offering customers an incentive to pre-order their balloon bouquet or balloon gift design?

For those of you who personalise balloons, this is a wonderful opportunity to create some unique, and exciting message balloons.

A few years ago I created "Movember Man." This was in honour of a charity that raises awareness and funds to support men's health issues - I think that this little guy would make a fantastic gift for Father's Day. Simply add a helium-filled Father's Day balloon bouquet.
Choose balloon colours that complement the balloon bouquet that you add to this design.

5" Onyx Black  11
350Q Onyx Black  1
260Q Onyx Black  2
5" White  2
160Q Onyx Black  1
260Q Blush  2
5"  Smile Face Mustache 1
260Q Orange  1
646Q Orange  1

Method of Construction:

  • Starting from the base, make a 4-balloon cluster using 5" Onyx Black balloons and inflate these to approximately 4".
  • Add a second 4-balloon cluster of 5" Onyx Black balloons, inflate to approximately 3". Stack the 3" 4-balloon cluster on top the 4" 4-balloon cluster, and add a small weight to give the design stability.
  • Inflate the 350Q Onyx Black balloon so that it is about 14" long, secure this to the stacked cluster base, and tie off the 350Q at the point where the balloon has not been inflated to give you a securing point for the shoulders, arms, and head.
  • Create a 4-balloon cluster using two Onyx Black and two White balloons inflated to approximately 2". If you know how to make a split duplet from a single 5" balloon, this works, too, and requires only one Onyx Black and 1 x White 5" balloon. Secure this cluster to the 350Q. Position the White balloons at the front and the Black to the back.
  • To make the arms, inflate a 260Q Onyx Black until it is about 6" long, create 2 small pinch twists for the cuff. Now cut the tip (approximately 3") off a 260Q Blush balloon, and inflate this into the tip to create a small bubble for the hand. Tie this off and secure into the cuff. Repeat for the second arm and hand.
  • Tie both arms together but leave a little stretch between the arms so that it sits easily in position between the 4-balloon cluster at the neck.
  • If you know how to use the raisin method to secure the hat, then I recommend that you use this  method. However, if you do not know how to do this, then you can glue the hat onto the head.
  • To make the hat, use a 5" Onyx Black balloon and create an "apple twist," secure this to a 5" Smile Face Mustache balloon, either using the raisin connection or glue.
  • Inflate a 160Q and wrap this around the hat to create a brim. Use a small pinch twist to hold this in position and to hide any mechanics.
  • Finally, add a tie! This was made from an Orange 260Q that I inflated and made into a small pinch twist that I used for the knot of the tie. The actual tie is made from the end of an uninflated 646Q balloon.
This design can be created in approximately 10 minutes or less using a hand pump!

Check out the great Mustache collection to see what different colours and balloons are available! 

Here are some great balloon "Moustache" bouquet design ideas that would work really well with "Movember Man."

Here is a fantastic design called "Cheers Dad," designed by Bob Armstrong, CBA, of Doctor Bob's Unlimited in Barry, Wales.

To download the step-by-step instructions click HERE.

The new Cheers! Beer Mug is a great new Qualatex® Microfoil® balloon. It can be used for many occasions, including Father's Day!

This "Best Dad Apron" balloon, makes the perfect "Stand-Up Guy." This would make the perfect marketing tool for restaurants promoting a Father's Day meal!

Happy Ballooning!


Please note that not balloons shown are available in all territories. Please check with your local Qualatex distributor.


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