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Warning! These 9 Copyright Mistakes Could Ruin your Business! By Guest Blogger Sonia Payne

Copyright laws are an absolute minefield, and much easier to break than you imagine. 

I recently came across this enlightening and informative article by Sonia Payne of Balloon Biz Academy, who has kindly shared it with the Very Best Balloon Blog. I believe that you will find this an extremely interesting and helpful read! 


When one does a quick flick through Facebook looking for balloons,  It doesn’t take long to stumble across countless acts of copyright theft! Yes, I did say theft… because ultimately when you use another person’s work for your own commercial gain, that’s exactly what it is! It is an industry-wide issue, and hands-up it is something I have been guilty of before in my business! I saw so many others doing it across the entire industry, so I assumed it must be okay… but having looked further into what you can and can’t do, I am here to tell you why it's wrong.

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that as a small business, many of which are operating from home, you don’t need to worry about too much. As the majority of businesses only have a few thousand followers on social media, many of which are local customers, how will anyone find out you are breaking the law? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are numerous ways your business can end up being investigated!

This can happen when: a trading standards officer stumbles across your online shop, a disgruntled customer decides to report you, Your competitor dobs you in, your neighbours get fed up with customers collecting and parking in front of their house every weekend, or corporate investigators doing a search find your balloons (and yes these investigators do exist – Disney has whole teams scouring social media and the internet!).

Another industry myth is that if caught you will get a cease and desist letter, and then they will simply stop once you do! Whilst cease and desist letters are commonplace in copyright infringements, there is no due process that requires this to be done initially, and they can and will decide to prosecute straight away. The consequences to your business (and personal life) can be big if you are found to be flouting the law!

I can’t tell you how many industry myths there are to try and justify the wrongdoings of others in the industry. As a balloon business owner, you may hear things like; hand-crafted items don’t count, if it’s not available as a balloon already it’s fine, we are too small for them to even worry about, everyone else is doing it and they can’t take all of us down, non-profit companies don’t worry about copyright, and so it goes on. Let me be upfront and tell you none of these things will stand up in court should a lawsuit come knocking on your door… Neither will “I didn’t know!” Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law. It’s your responsibility to understand the laws your business trades within…

Small home-based businesses do get prosecuted!

A lady from Sutton, UK, who was making and selling bows from counterfeit ribbon, found herself in court resulting in a criminal record and a huge £4100 fine! Sutton trading standards made several test purchases from her online shop posing as a customer before raiding her home address and seizing her products and computer. The lady was found guilty of 10 offences under The Trade Marks Act 1994, the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, and The Fraud Act 2006 for the sale and possession of counterfeit goods, engaging in unfair commercial practices, and carrying on a business in a fraudulent manner.

In the balloon world specifically, Disney issued many cease and desist letters to several balloon artists in Orlando in the past. Many, many balloon artists have had their Facebook pages or other social media accounts shut overnight due to trademark and copyright infringements, and found themselves having to start from scratch as years 'worth of work building their businesses just vanished in a split second!

So what mistakes could you be making in your business related to copyright?

1. Using other people’s Logos and images – Just because you own a vinyl cutter does not mean you can cut or print stickers of designs from TikTok, Fortnite, Disney, football club badges, or other logos or characters. It doesn’t matter that you can’t buy balloons with these designs on and that your customers want it. It doesn’t matter that you are not directly taking money away from the company because there isn’t a balloon alternative you could use – you still must not do it! It also doesn’t matter if you bought the cut file of another person who was breaking the law first – By using the image on your balloons for commercial use, you too are still breaking the law and you can get in trouble for it.

2. Making Balloon Parodies for Sale - Making twisted Mickey's, Minnies or any other cartoon character for sale can mean that you are breaking copyright laws. No one can stop you practicing your twisting skills at home in creating popular cartoon representations (this would be deemed fair-use) But as soon as you put that item up for sale, you are opening yourself up to potential legal consequences. Some twisters have tried to get around this by describing them as 'parodies,' but to create a parody there must be an element of social or comical satire or criticism within the work. Simply creating a copy of a cartoon character in latex and calling it a parody will not suffice. There is a fascinating article by Todd Neufiled, a balloon artist and a solicitor, on exploring this subject further. You can read it here: and I do recommend reading this, as I learned so much from this article - in fact, I wish that I had found this article years ago! 

3. Fabric and Ribbon – There is a lot of counterfeit fabric on the market, but did you know that even the genuine Disney fabric is sold for personal use only! That means you are not allowed to use the fabric to make and sell items. Printed on the material itself, of all genuine Disney material, it states it is for personal use only. When purchasing fabric and ribbons to use in your designs, it is your responsibility to check that you are allowed to use it for commercial gain!

(This also applies to other licensed items such as stickers! You would think that this would be a safe way to use a licensed design on a balloon, however, the same rules apply, as these are also sold for personal use only!)

4. Fonts – There are numerous sites online offering free fonts to decorate your foils and bubbles using your vinyl cutter, but did you know that the majority of them are for personal use only? By using these fonts to make items for sale, you are infringing copyright. You are far better to purchase fonts with a commercial license via the font marketplaces, such as, but even then you need to make sure you read the terms of the license. They often dictate how you can use them, the types of products you can make with them, and how many you are allowed to sell under the terms of that license.

5. Song Lyrics – While song lyrics generally don’t fall under copyright regulation, many song titles and phrases within songs are trademarked, which means they can not be used on balloons. The more unique the title or phrase, the more likely it is to be trademarked. Check before you cut vinyl to put on your balloons!

If you would like to learn more about this topic visit: Copyright & Trademark Concerns for Crafters: Song Lyrics 

6. Words and Sayings – Following on from song lyrics, there are thousands of words and sayings that are trademarked. Elf on the Shelf is probably the biggest one that has affected the balloon industry over the past few years. Many balloon business owners woke up to discover they had lost their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts because even though they were using genuine elf balloons, they had described their product as an elf on the shelf and this term is not only trademarked but fiercely protected by its original creator. Facebook and other social media platforms are not interested in the fact it is a genuine mistake on your part – they don’t want their platforms blemished with bad representation or lawsuits, so they will simply remove your account without getting notice or discussion! Do not expect your account to be reinstated – I haven’t heard yet of anyone who has been able to get Facebook to change their mind!

7. Counterfeit stock – With Amazon, eBay, and the likes of Alibaba all selling cheap balloons there has been an influx of counterfeit balloon products into the marketplace. Not only do many of these balloons fail to meet CE standards, they also of very poor quality, placing your customers and yourself at risk. Many also do not have a license to produce them. Purchasing counterfeit stock and then selling it as part of your portfolio of products is illegal, and doing so can land you in hot water for many reasons. Make sure you only purchase your stock through a professional balloon wholesaler to prevent yourself from falling foul of the law.

8. Music used in your marketing – This is another little known area where your business can end up in trouble. Using backing tracks to your social media stories or videos can land you in hot water. You need to use only royalty-free music, or you can find your social media account shut down for infringement simply by adding a song as background music

9. Using other people’s images without permission – It can be difficult when you're first starting your business and you don’t have a supply of good quality photos of your work. I see this all the time in the Balloon Biz Community Facebook group, with new businesses asking how to build their portfolio. It can be tempting to take a couple of images off google and put them on your social media and website to “get you started”. I STRONGLY urge you NOT to do this. It is theft! In doing so, you are not only breaking copyright laws, as those images belong to the original creator, but you are also creating a major social blunder in the balloon world! In the sharing, caring world of balloon professionals, one thing that is never tolerated is photo theft. You will quickly find yourself called out on this. Not only will you get so many comments on your social media from enraged professionals telling your customer this is not your work, you will also find yourself shunned from all social media groups! It really isn’t worth it! If you are starting out – check out the Starting a Balloon Business Ultimate Guide, where I have a whole chapter on building your portfolio, plus a masterclass on how to build your portfolio when you don’t have photos. You can find the link below! Click HERE or visit

What should you do? 
Here lies the dilemma… Your competitors are doing it, and half the industry seems to be doing it! At the beginning of this article, I was upfront and honest and put my hands up to say I, like so many other business owners in the industry, have been guilty of copyright infringement in my business. I am not here to tell you what to do in your business, merely to educate you and let you make your own decisions.
I should also be clear that I do not have any training in the formalities of copyright or trademark law. This article is simply provided for educational and informational purposes based on the research I have done on the subject. You use this internet site at your own risk, and I always recommend seeking legal advice in your business from those qualified to provide it.
My advice is, put yourself in the shoes of the person you are stealing from. Just say you come up with a design or product tomorrow, you spend hours and lots of money refining it, for it to become so popular it takes the world by storm. The revenue from that idea could change your life and your family’s life. How would you then feel if every balloon artist, in every town in the country stole your idea and began flouting it cheaper than you could! I am guessing frustrated wouldn’t cover it in the slightest – they didn’t just steal your idea, but they stole your dream life too! Just because you don’t enter the home of the person who owns something, pick it up and walk out with it does not mean you aren’t stealing… Equally just because the person you are stealing from is a business doesn’t change the fact it is theft…
You also need to consider the risks of whether your business and your families lifestyle could cope if the next knock on the door was an expensive lawsuit!
I hope you found this article useful, I know for some people it may not be information that brings joy to their ears, it may not even make me very popular for raising this industry-wide issue. My mission is to help you grow a profitable and sustainable business so you can get paid to do what you love every single day for many years to come! In doing so, I sometimes have to discuss difficult subjects with you, so you can do what you need to do to protect your business and grow.
Until next time… Stay amazing!
Sonia x

Sonia Payne is the founder of the Balloon Business Academy. She has spent over ten years growing her own balloon and decor business. She now works with creative entrepreneurs to show them how to start and grow a balloon business the quick and easy way!  Having previously spent 10 years coaching in sales and marketing, she can show them how they can create an amazing profitable and sustainable business by showing what really works to get quick results without the stress! 

To find out more about Balloon Biz Academy and read more of Sonia's great articles visit

I hope that you have found this article as interesting and informative as I did! A huge thank you to Sonia for sharing this post!

Happy Ballooning! 


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Predicting Ballooning and Event Trends of 2022

To be honest, 2021 did not really turn out to be the year that we had all hoped for, or the one that we had anticipated that it would be. So, will 2022 finally be the year that we are all waiting for?

In preparation for life and business to resume to normal, I thought that it might be a good idea to look at the possible ballooning trends for this year! Let's face it, everyone is ready to party and celebrate anything and everything!

Bigger, Bolder, Better are the three words that I keep reading when looking at party trends for 2022.

Over the past two years, parties and celebrations have been limited to gathering in small groups, with reduced guest lists. This year will hopefully play host to bigger celebrations than ever before, and it will be all about making a big impact! 

Be bold with colour! Predictions show that party planners will be looking to inject feelings of optimism, empowerment and joy into their events through vibrant pinks, purples, oranges and blues, and as we know, a great deal of colour can be introduced into an event using balloons.

Big, Bold and Beautiful, 3rd Birthday Decor by Chris Adamo, CBA of Balloon Crew, Sydney, Australia
Big, Bold and Beautiful, 3rd Birthday Decor by Chris Adamo, CBA of Balloon Crew, Sydney, Australia

Outdoor Space and Tent Events

While some say bigger parties will resume, others are still erring on the side of caution. Outdoor and open marquees, tents and teepees will remain popular for many. Garden and outdoor space transformations are definitely a growing trend! 

Photograph Credit Northstar Balloons

Had we not been in lockdown two years ago, I am not really sure that I would have decorated our garden for our Granddaughter's birthday celebrations! It was so much fun to make her something special! 

Number 5 Frame by
Number 5 Frame by Sue Bowler

Decorating outdoor space offers many options, and being a balloon company shouldn't limit you to only offering balloons as decor!
  • Decorate trees and bushes with bright ribbons and balloon garlands! 
  • Lighting is key. To make sure the garden party continues seamlessly into the evening, prepare with plenty of outdoor lighting. Mix and match different types, from tea lights to lanterns for a pretty and luminous effect. Hanging lights around the garden will transform the outdoor space once the sunsets.
  • Make the outdoor spaces feel as comfortable as being indoors. Lay rugs and throws on the ground and use layered cloths on the tables. Make sure that the seating is super comfy, with lots of cushions! 

Light Up Numbers and Letters

Something that I have seen being used more frequently over the past few years are light up numbers and letters. These give balloon companies an opportunity to create fabulous decor incorporating the large characters and numbers as a focal point within the decor. Claire Jackson created this stunning entrance dΓ©cor.

Claire Jackson of Airmagination Balloon Company  in Farnham, England.
Fabulous entrance decor by Claire Jackson of Airmagination Balloon Company 
in Farnham, England.

Claire Jackson of Airmagination Balloon Company  in Farnham, England.
Number 50 decor by Claire Jackson of Airmagination Balloon Company 
in Farnham, England.

Decor by Chris Adamo and his Balloon Crew Team.
"We just loved how our organic balloon installation framed these #pride letters."

Neon Signs

Here’s a bright idea; light up the party with a neon sign. These are perfect for balloon backdrops and other decorative areas. A sign can be customised or go with an evergreen message (i.e. "Oh Baby!" for a baby shower). The options and price ranges are endless.

Designer name: Instagram User @balloonilicious

Balloon Mosaics© and Balloon Frames

Mosaic frames can be made or bought as a kit and easily assembled. They can be filled with both latex and or Microfoil balloons to suit many different occasions! I really love this Christmas 'JOY' design by Nikoloon! I love that each letter uses a different style and technique.

If you would like to learn more about Balloon Mosaics check out

Over-the-Top Backdrops

How fabulous is this backdrop by the extremely creative Hello Pretty Events? To find out more about this stunning 1st birthday installation, check out this article in "Inspired by Us"

Davina's Boho Moana- By HPE Studio
Davina's Boho Moana- By HPE Studio - Hello Pretty Events.

And speaking of themed parties, here is another fabulous example of a Moana Party by Cheeky Gorgeous Events and Kez's Face Paint in Wolverhampton, UK.

Cheeky Gorgeous Events and Kez's Face Paint in Wolverhampton, UK.
Design by Cheeky Gorgeous Events and Kez's Face Paint in Wolverhampton, UK.

Theme parties for children will never go out of fashion. Some of the top trending themes for 2022 are Under Water, Beach, the Woods, Forest or Garden, Safari or Zoo, Ranch, Farm or Barnyard, Carnival or Circus, Castle, and Space.

Here are a few more event trends that you may expect to see:

Pantone colour of the year - Very Peri

Inspired by the 2022 Pantone color of the year, this “Very Peri” color palette incorporates frosty Chrome hues and SuperAgate textures to bring the new multidimensional colour to life.

Blast from the Past

Throwback parties are always a hit!! One of the most popular usually is 80's theme! I was asked to create disco theme decor for a corporate event a few years ago - everyone loves a disco right?

Disco Decor by
Decor by Sue Bowler, CBA

Disco Decor by
Disco Decor by

And finally, a few less common themes that we may see;
  • Break up or Divorce Party - celebrating the next chapter!
  • 'Galentines' Day - Galentine’s Day is a magical holiday where your romantic relationship status is irrelevant. All that matters is spending time with your lady friends who simply make life better.

And finally, it looks like many balloon and event companies are now venturing into the world of prop hire! This includes the use of frames, light up numbers, easels, teepee's, and gazebos to name just a few. These add-on props are good for generating additional sales, and are environmentally friendly as they are re-usable and can really help to 'set the scene' at an event! 

If you know of any new trends that I have missed, I would love to hear from you! 

Happy Ballooning! 

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Spring Fair 2022 - Part 2

Spring Fair is an annual B2B (Business to Business) trade show in the UK, where many thousands of visitors attend to source and buy new products for their shops, stores and studio's. Each year I have the honour to designs and create the window displays for the Qualatex stand.

In Part 1, of this two part post, I walked through each of the window displays that I created, as well as the products and colours of balloons that I used. If you missed it - check it out HERE.

I would now like to take this opportunity to show you around the rest of the stand. 

There was a seasonal display on each of the corners, and I was asked to create the Autumn display with a wedding theme. I chose to make an organic display - see below.

I really enjoyed making this organic Column design with the gorgeous dried grasses and leaves arrangement as the focal point! The colour palette I created was a 'nude' tone theme, made from a selection of double-stuffed balloons. These are the latex balloons that I used.


Pearl White or White - with Mocha Brown inside
Pearl White or White - with Blush inside
Pearl White or White - with Chrome Gold inside
Pearl White or White - with Metallic Gold inside
Blush - with Mocha Brown inside
Metallic Gold - with Mocha Brown inside
Chrome Gold
Chrome Copper

These colours blended extremely with the grasses and dried leaves.

The next corner represents Summer and was created by Alberto Falcone, CBA. 

Albert created an organic garland that wrapped around the front of the stand.

Organic Garland created by Alberto Falcone, CBA.

For Spring, Alberto created a display that incorporated a Mother's Day theme. He created a beautiful vase working with 6" Navy QuickLink balloons, with 5" Pearl Pink and 260Q Chrome Gold. The vase was filled with the new 26" Pink Watercolour Rose Microfoiland the 18" Mother's Day Pink & Blue Rose Microfoil.

Mother's Day Vase and Flowers by Alberto Falcone

Here is a close-up of the fantastic lattice work that Alberto used to create the vase.

18" Mother's Day Pink & Blue Rose

26" Pink Watercolour Rose

The final corner was a display for winter, and Alberto once again created a work of art! 

He designed a stack of Christmas gift boxes (made from Qualatex Chrome balloons) to form an artistic tree! Each box had a beautiful Chrome Gold 260Q bow. He added Metallic Gold Stars in varying sizes as well as the wonderful Gnome balloon in both the 42" and 14" sizes.

Christmas Gift Tree display by Alberto Falcone.

We always want to ensure that everyone knows exactly where Qualatex is located in the hall (include those of us who work on the stand)! This year, Alberto created giant abstract Topiary arrangements that measured 3 meters wide made out of twelve 3ft Qualatex balloons that floated high above the stand. It created such a powerful statement! 

3m Topiary created by Alberto Falcone

One of the highlights of the Qualatex stand is always the Educations centre. This year Keith Stirman, CBA, Dominic Cassidy, CBA, Alberto Falcone and myself were on hand to show visitors new design ideas, balloon skills and techniques throughout the day.

Jacqui Young of Classic Balloon Decor, Glasgow, Scotland, commented:
"This year was strange as the party section was so small. It was however a relief to see the Pioneer stand with all of the window displays and new products. As always I enjoyed the demonstrations but it was a bit of a squeeze and it was on not a staged area with seats. I think that it is more of a COVID precaution but it was always good to sit and watch and take notes, not to mention giving your feet a rest 😜. 
It’s also a good opportunity to check in and say hello to Sue and John as well as Keith and Dom and Kerry.
Overall I go to Spring fair to keep up-to-date with the latest products and trends and to catch up with my balloon friends. I think it’s great to see you guys there to touch base and connect with the products. While online is great you can’t beat talking to real people and seeing everything in real life. It makes a huge difference. I’ve come back knowing what’s coming, and about new products. I’ve been energised on the way I can use the products. Unfortunately, for the companies who didn’t show I have nothing. Nothing to see. Nothing to talk about. Nothing to build on. Well done Qualatex!"

First time Spring Fair visitor Lynda Webb comments

 "This was my first visit to spring fair and I loved it, I spent most of the day on the Qualatex stand, and as we were only there for one day we missed so much of the show! Next time we will stay over and see a little bit more! 

I loved watching the live demonstrations and being able to ask questions. I got to meet and spend time with a lot of the Qualatex team. Julie Dunham, who was one of the teachers on my virtual fundamentals course, showed me around the entire stand and introduced me to others. Kerry Ferguson spent some time with us and explained how to avoid holes in bubbles when helium inflating. (This will be so valuable)! Debbie Magill showed us some of the new balloon designs for this year. Keith and Dom sat down and even gave me a recipe for an arch that I’ve seen on a few Qualatex videos! I’m super excited to give that a go! It was amazing to meet Alberto who also taught at my fundamentals, watching him create some amazing designs with the super stuffer! 

And of course the amazing Sue Bowler whose demonstrations and advice were brilliant ❤️ It was so good to get hands on and try the things demonstrated, particularly the 160Q sausage flowers! Everything was such good fun and we met many balloon friends some for the first time at the Qualatex stand.
The balloon topiary above the stand was perfect for finding your way back! Brilliant day 🎈🎈"
Lynda Webb of Bloon Away Boston in Lincolnshire, UK.

Here are a few more photographs showing some of the other displays from the show.

This QuickLink Arch made by Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy proved to be very popular, and the perfect design for celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. There will be many street parties and events across the UK and Commonwealth.

If you missed the show this year, you should note next year's show dates now to avoid missing it again! We always look forward to meeting up with both existing and new customer! 

The dates for the 2023 Spring Fair have now been announced:

5-8 February 2023 - NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK

Sunday, 5 February | 9:00 - 18:00
Monday, 6 February | 9:00 - 18:00
Tuesday, 7 February | 9:00 - 18:00
Wednesday, 8 February | 9:00 - 16:00

And finally, if you would like a look around the stand with Keith & Dom, check out their videos below:

I hope that you have enjoyed your virtual look around the Qualatex Stand at the Spring Fair!

Happy Ballooning! 


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Spring Fair 2022 - Check out what we've been up to on the Qualatex Stand! Part 1.

So what is Spring Fair? Probably the best way to describe Spring Fair is that it is a B2B (business to business) trade show for the retail market.This show attracts thousands of customers from around the world looking to buy new and exciting products for their shops, stores and showrooms.

Spring Fair has been an annual event for me for many years. Each year I have had the honour and privilege (and what some might call daunting task) of creating a variety of displays for the Qualatex stand. My remit is to create displays that displays new and existing products in a creative way to promote and inspire customers visiting the stand.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, last year's show was cancelled, as with most events! As you can imagine, myself and the Pioneer Europe Team were extremely happy to be back once again! 

Dinosaur Design by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Meet the Pioneer Europe Team and Instructors

Pioneer Europe Team & Instructors

The Window Displays

Designs by Sue Bowler, CBA

This year I was assigned four themes to create designs for, and each theme required two displays. It is the first time that I have made displays for double-decker windows, and so I was a little unsure how it would work. I am happy to report that it was successful!

These are the themes I got to create for:

  • Dinosaur
  • New Baby
  • Adult Milestone Birthday
  • Child Birthday

Dinosaur theme

If I am honest, when I was first asked to create a display with the Dino theme, I was a little concerned, as this is not a 'subject' that I usually work with! However, it proved to be one of my favourite window displays ever, and offered me the opportunity to step outside of my usual style! The tree that I made was actually created in inspiration of the extremely talented Alberto Falcone, CBA. Alberto is a true artist and everything that he makes is a work of art! 

Sue Bowler with her Dinosaur window display

Dinosaur Window Display Design by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

The hoop display below had a mobile effect, and gently spun around with slight air movement.

Dinosaur Window Display Design by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA
Northstar 46" Stegosaurus

42" Tyrannosaurus

The tree was made from aluminium rod and secured to a small weighted base. I used 160Q and 260Q balloons to create the tree, and twisted and twined them together to create this fabulous effect. To ensure that the balloons lasted and looked good for the duration of the show, I treated each balloon with HI-FLOAT. This may sound like a tricky job, but it's actually quite easy when you use the smallest bottle that has the long nozzle that fit perfectly into a 260Q! 

The hoop design was made on PVC electrical conduit that was secured with a push fit connector. Using PVC conduit allowed me to make the hoop the size that I required for the design.

Qualatex Balloon Colours

All the balloons were double-stuffed: this is something that I always do when I create displays for events such as this. This ensures that the balloons last the duration of the event, plus I like to create custom colours to give tonal changes and create new and exciting colours! This colour selection would also be perfect for a Harry Potter themed party.

Mocha Brown
Emerald Green
Spring Green
Sparkling Burgundy
Chrome Gold

Baby Theme

This window gave me the opportunity to display the new Baby Girl Garland and Baby Girl Dark SkinTone balloon. You will see that I have included some of the garland shapes with my design below, if you would like to learn how to do this I have added a link to Cam & Eve's video - Happy Hour with Cam & Eve: Let's play with the NEW Microfoil Garland Balloon.

New Baby Window Display by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Rainbow display by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

New Baby Window display by Sue Bowler, CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

22" Baby Girl Pink Confetti Dots Bubble

41" Baby Girl Garland

38" Baby Girl Dark Skin Tone

Adult Milestone Display

I love a pink and floral display, so as you can imagine this was a favourite for me. In this display I featured the fabulous new 33" Pink Peony and the 22" Birthday to You Pink Peonies Bubble balloon. I also used one of my favourites, the 18" Birthday Pink & Gold Dots, which is such an elegant balloon. I accented my designs with beautiful silk peonies and greenery. For the smaller window, I created a heart using a heart frame and added balloons in an organic style. The colours that I used are:
Wild Berry
Pearl Pink
Chrome Gold
Mocha Brown - Inside Rose and Pearl Pink

Elegant Balloon Heart Frame Design by Sue Bowler
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Female 50th Birthday Displays by Sue Bowler, CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Elegant Balloon & Flowers Hat Box display by Sue Bowler CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Elegant Balloon Heart Frame Design by Sue Bowler -
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

22" Birthday to you Pink Peonies Bubble

33" Pink Peony 

Child Milestone Display

The fourth and final window display was to show the new Birthday Blue Dots (Ages 1-5) and the Birthday Boy Blue Dots balloons. This was such a fun display to make. I created a number 3 frame and made some Monkey Balloon Buddies... all of which would be perfect for a 3 year olds birthday! 

18" Birthday Boy Blue Dots

18" Age 3 Blue Dots

Age 3 Birthday Boy Window Display by Sue Bowler, CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

Age 3 Birthday Boy Window Display by Sue Bowler, CBA
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

The colours that I used in this display are:
Pale Blue
Pearl Light Blue
Robin's Egg Blue
Caribbean Blue
Pearl Azure
Chrome Gold

In Part 2, I will show you the "Four Seasons" displays that Alberto Falcone and I made, along with other attractive features from the stand! 

I hope that you enjoyed seeing all these designs, and that it might give you a little inspiration for your own displays and designs! 

Happy Ballooning! 

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