Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photographs Q & A with Sue Bowler, Eleonore Verfaillie and Susan Fleming.

Photographs are a very big and important part of the balloon industry, we need them to inspire our customers, but what are the rules, especially when we are new or unfamiliar with social media etiquette.

In this blog we would like to try and answer some of the many questions regarding the use of photographs, the difference between someone taking a picture versus someone sharing a picture on social media sites and the rules regarding the use of Qualatex pictures and images.

Here is a short video clip that will hopefully answer a few of these questions.

So here are a few points to remember:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Part 2 The Beginners Guide to Elements & Principles of Design - Line

Last week I posted part 1 of this new series of beginners guides to Elements and Principles of Designs, just in case you missed it you can click HERE for a link, it's all about colour!

Today I want to look at 'LINE' and how it plays an important role within our designs. I think many of us just make our decor like an arch or column without ever considering why we do what we do, but hopefully once you start to understand a little more about 'E & P's', you will  be able to use these to maximise the impact of your work!

Line is the outline of your design or arrangement- triangular, circular, curved etc. it also refers to the lines within you design. Greater impact is created by creating lines of movement with the design that you are making. Lines create paths for your eyes to follow. The direction of those lines lead to and from the focal point. 

Lines can work in different ways;

 Vertical - creates drama and impact.
 Horizontal - represents tranquility
 Diagonal - expresses uncertainty
 Curved - reflecting grace.

Lines are created by using like material normally of the same colour and sometimes graduated in size which are positioned to create rhythmic paths.

Lets look at LINE within a selection of designs:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Air-Filled Funky Monkey Step-by-Step Design

Taking less than 10 minutes to make, this is a great design for retail, delivery and decor too! Standing over 3ft tall (1m) this monkey is perfect for a variety of occasions by simply adding additional balloons which we will look at after we have learnt to make this 'cheeky chappy'.

The Very Best Balloon Blog
Funky Monkey Balloon Sculpture by Sue Bowler CBA

Monday, August 11, 2014

Part 1 Beginners Guide to the Elements and Principles of Design - Colour

Elements & Principles of Design

Creating the 'perfect' design is not something that just happens, well not for most of us anyway!  There are a number of factors that make it a perfect design, so lets take a look at what those factors are?

Elements of Design:
These are parts that make up the design, you can either touch or see the elements of design. These include colour, line, shape and texture.

Principles of Design: 
The basic principles of design include unity, proportion and scale, balance, rhythm and harmony.

By applying the principles to the elements of design brings them together into one design. How you apply these principles determines how successful a design may be!