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"The evolution of the balloon industry alongside the rise of influencers."

"My Italian genes just LOVED working on this project with @philipcarrevent"
Design by Chris Adamo, CBA, Owner at Balloonpro.co and Balloons Online and Owner at The Balloon Crew - Balloons.net.au

The balloon industry shares similarities with the fashion world as it undergoes continuous transformation and development. I have witnessed many of trends emerge and fadeover the last three decades. This includes the introduction of novel and creative balloon-related products, as well as the emergence of a fabulous array of exciting balloon colours. Among the memorable moments, one that stands out vividly is the introduction of the organic style of balloon decor. This revolutionary approach offered a liberating form of balloon arrangement, breaking away from the constraints and conventions of traditional Classic Balloon Decor. 

Some within the industry held the belief that this new trend would have a brief existence, echoing sentiments such as "it requires an excessive number of balloons," "it demands too much time," and "people won't be willing to pay extra for the additional balloons and time." However, this prediction couldn't have been more off-base. Amidst the pandemic, when numerous balloon enterprises faced a sense of hopelessness, a contrary phenomenon was unfolding. In places where contactless deliveries were sanctioned, a fresh surge of balloon artists emerged along with the evolution of “ballooning influencers.”

The balloon industry has consistently featured a key group of influential figures—balloon artists who have conducted workshops and sessions at prominent global events. I can certainly identify myself as belonging to this category. However,  a new wave of influencers has had a notable impact on the balloon market since the pandemic in several ways:

So, what exactly is an influencer, and how do they influence the ballooning community?

Promotion and Visibility: Influencers showcase balloon decor in their content, whether it's home decorations, party setups, or event displays. This increased visibility has brought attention to balloon decor, encouraging individuals to try it themselves or hire professionals.

Organic Display using Qualatex Chrome Balloons by
Blow it with Bex

Trends and Inspiration: Influencers introduce new trends and creative ideas. Their unique designs and innovative concepts inspire consumers and professionals to explore different styles and themes in balloon decorations.

Halloween Decor by Bubble Hustle Balloons in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Consumer Engagement: Many influencers engage directly with their followers through Q&A sessions, tutorials, and live demonstrations. This interaction has educated and encouraged people to experiment with balloon art, especially during lockdowns when DIY projects gained popularity.

Business Collaboration: Some balloon manufacturers and suppliers collaborate with influencers to promote their services or products. This partnership can boost brand recognition and reach new audiences. Influencers often share their positive experiences with balloon businesses, leading to referrals and recommendations.

Photo by @Sarah_lit with @Northstarballoons

Community Building: Influencers have fostered a sense of community within the balloon industry. They connect enthusiasts, artists, and businesses, creating a supportive network for sharing ideas, techniques, and resources.

Market Expansion: The pandemic prompted many individuals to explore home-based businesses, including balloon decor. Influencers played a role in guiding newcomers through tutorials, business advice, and product recommendations, contributing to market growth.

In summary, influencers have contributed to the resilience and evolution of the balloon market during the pandemic and beyond by promoting creativity, inspiring trends, and fostering a sense of community. They've helped balloon decor remain relevant and adaptable to changing circumstances.

The balloon industry is not unique; influencers can practically be found in every industry, from book reviewing to fashion blogging, and their knowledge and understanding of their niche places them in a position of power and authority within the digital realm.

Here are a few balloon-related accounts that have substantial followings. I am sure there are many more, but these are the companies that I follow. 

The Event Collective @theventcollectivex, with a jaw-dropping 994K followers:

The Event Collective, established in 2018 and based in Austrailia, is a directory and convenient place to find anything and everything party or event-related. The Event Collective shares the work of balloon artists and event companies from around the world.

Balloon Designers ♡Genesis Nieves & Iravid Nieves

Decolovers @decolovers: with 926K followers

Qualatex @qualatex: With 176K followers, Qualatex is a major balloon manufacturer and educator known for providing high-quality balloons and educational resources. They have a significant following due to their global presence and educational content.

Dream Higher Events @dreamhigherevents:

Boasting an impressive 205K followers, Debbie Boxall of Dream Higher Events has experienced remarkable growth in just a few years. Debbie's fine art and fashion design background undeniably influence her distinctive style and boundless creativity. Her balloon journey narrative is truly compelling; I wholeheartedly recommend exploring her story on her Instagram page.

Bubblegum Balloons @Bubblegumballoons:

Founded in 2013 by sisters Laura & Sally and their best friend Megan, they began the Bubblegum business in their family home. Surrounded by endless amounts of confetti, feathers, helium, and ribbon, the Bubblegum dream was born. With a vision to create a beautiful personalised gift for every special occasion, the business has grown into a team of Balloon Ninjas who travel worldwide to deliver the Bubblegum Balloons magic! Today, Bubblegum Balloons still boasts a magnificent 194K followers. 


The Event King - @jesustejadax: - 177k followers

Blow it with Bex @blowitwithbex: -155K followers

Dress your Daydream @dressyourdaydream: - 148K followers

Edward Munoz - @edward_munoz: - 128K followers

Balloon Occasions - @balloonoccasions: - 125K followers

Feathered Fox Designs - @featheredfoxdesigns - 119K followers

With a Twist Balloons - @withatwistballoons: - 112K followers

Are influencers important for the growth of the balloon industry? While influencers can amplify these efforts and reach a broader audience, they are just one piece of the puzzle. The collective actions of professionals, businesses, industry associations, and the broader community all contribute to the continued relevance of balloons in the eyes of the general public.

Happy Ballooning! 



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