Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thinking green Qualatex balloons are Biodegradable!

I found this Qualatex poster on Sky High Balloons, BC, Canada's blog page (thank you guys)  and thought what a great message to promote on our websites, blogs and Facebook pages! When I recently met artist Jason Hackenwerth in London early this year, he told me that it was very important to him as an environmentalist that he only works with Qualatex latex balloons because they are 100% natural & 100% biodegradable! Jason was recently commissioned by Selfridges, London to create amazing balloon sculptures as part of the Project Ocean , it was a huge factor that Jason worked with a product that was 100% natural.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Balloon Events - are they worth the investment to your business?

I suppose I should start by defining what a balloon event is? For me an event is usually more than a one day training course, with several or a number of instructors offering a variety of different classes.

I attended my first event, at that time known as the Qualatex Symposium in Paris in 1996!
This was my first great 'balloon adventure' since I started my balloon business 5 years earlier. I had previously attended several 1 day courses in the UK, but I was always left feeling that I wanted to learn more!
On the 7th March 1996 my business partner Rosemary and I jumped into my little Mini car and drove all the way to Paris (France), full of excitement and anticipation of what the next 4 days would hold for us!
But we did not just go to attend the many different classes (45 in total to choose from) or to see the 12 amazing line-up of instructors, oh no, that would be too easy, we decided that if we were going to go all that way, we would enter all the competitions too! That included a large sculpture, buffet and centrepiece design... were we mad or what!

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