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Here are a few Tricks of the Trade as shared by members from the Qualatex Balloon Network Group

I would like to start this post by giving a big 'shout-out' to all our QBN Facebook members! Facebook Groups are an amazing way to bring people together and create a strong community for like-minded people who have the same passion. The great thing about the QBN Group is the way that our members help and support each other, whether it's a design problem or motivational issue, and there are plenty who regularly jump in and freely offer their help!

A few years ago the group collectively created a list of their favourite ballooning tips and personal tricks of the trade. I have selected some of these to share with the Very Best Balloon Blog!

Tricks of the Trade

1. Balloons and Static - friend or foe? 
Static can definitely be a problem when it comes to balloons! I have heard of balloons randomly popping due to high levels of static in a room.

Static does not like moisture or humidity, and therefore water can be used to reduce the amount of static in a room, a humidifier works well, and a fine water mister spray will help when working on site. Dryer sheets can also reduce static on balloons. Some decorators carry Static Guard with them on balloon jobs, as this can eliminate static and help prevent it from building! 

To prevent static on your balloon ribbon, wet your scissors before using them to curl the ribbon. (Dip the tip of your scissors in water).

Static is definitely a friend when making confetti-filled balloons. To make confetti stick to the inside of a balloon you will need to build a little static within the balloon. With air-filled balloons it's easy; simply rub the side of the balloon with your hand, a cloth, or even better, bubble-wrap packaging - this works every time for me! I have also heard that placing balloons inside a plastic bag will help to build the static. When making helium-filled, confetti-filled balloons, you will need to ensure that you add a small amount of air into the balloon, as static cannot build in pure helium! Simply use a hand-pump and add a few pumps of air - not too many as it can make the balloon too heavy and it won't float!

2. When you finish something off with wide ribbon and you use two lengths together, remember to turn one around so they fall nice and do not stick to each other.

3. When the valve of a foil balloon does not easily open, do not damage the valve by sticking in something thick like a straw. Use something thin and flat. You will have the best result with a florist wire folded in two. Hold the valve between two fingers and gently slide in the wire with the folded side. This should go very smoothly without ruining the valve. 

4. In the winter or on cold days, make sure that your latex balloons are not cold (usually indicated if they feel hard to the touch). Warm them up by putting them in a warm place to soften up: a clothes dryer works very well! "I store my balloons in the garage, which gets extremely cold during the winter months. Balloons getting cold is not a problem, nor does it reduce their shelf life. However, before I use them, I throw them into our tumble dryer for around 5-10 mins to soften the latex again."

5. If you want to add a 'raisin' or bead inside a foil or bubble balloon to create a fixing point, do not push the 'raisin' or bead through the balloon's valve. Instead position it at the entrance of the valve and then using a hand pump, gently pump a little air and this will send the 'raisin' or bead inside the foil... without any damage to the valve! You might also consider buying a NikoLoon Tool for working with raisins in every type of balloon - once you get to know it well - it will save you a lot of time fumbling inside a foil for instance. You find it at

6. Remember not to top-up or refill foils in cold weather. If you fill your foil balloons in a warm room and then transport the balloons to a customer in a cold vehicle, you may be concerned that they have gone down during transportation and be tempted to top them up!   However, when you deliver the balloon, the helium will expand once they are taken into a warm room, and there is a high probability that they will pop!

7. To cut feather boas with less mess, part the feathers where you intend to cut and spray with Aqua Net hair spray, then seal the ends with a dot of hot glue. Another great tip is to use a section of a feather boa in a Deco Bubble for the feather-filled effect instead of filling with individual feathers. The result is the same, but it takes a faction of the time! 

8. Use Clik-Clik magnets in your vehicle to organise your materials such as pre-cut ribbons, or to hang bagged designs to keep them from moving around the van.

9.  "When I go on a job site visit (prior to the event of course), I make certain to take all of my measurements, find out where all of the plugs are, and find the best place to unload and set up.  I also take my Click-Click magnets to see if they will stick to the ceiling. If the ceiling is high, I can have trouble seeing the ring on the magnet and sometimes it takes a while to get the magnet down, so I make sure to tie a long piece of Dacron arch line onto the magnet ring."

10. "If you get a cut in a foil balloon, use the Stretchy Balloon tape to seal it up. This tape is an absolute must for any balloon professional and is available from most balloon wholesalers and suppliers."
"If you are creating a design where you want to stick foil balloons together, you have to try Click- Click's AMAZING Stretchy Balloon Tape! It may appear expensive, but you use only the smallest amount and it's so so strong!"

11. "When I go on a site visit, I bring my cell phone and try to take pics from every angle. Then, when I find that when I need to know a detail I didn't think about, I can refer to my phone (for ex. if they want to change a location of something, or I need to see rigging points, etc.). I also bring a notebook and my laser ruler (one of my favorite toys!). I measure everything with that!"

12. Save your old/broken foils to use later, you can cover your balloon weights with them, and it looks nicer than latex sandbags.

Here are 11 ways to re-use old/broken foil balloons.

  •  Re-inflate them.
  •  Use as gift-wrapping - Birthday balloons are a clever way to wrap a birthday gift for your loved one!
  • Replace tissue paper in gift boxes or bags - similar to gift wrapping, foil balloons make perfect tissue paper for gifts.
  • Scrapbooking - A gifted balloon is a wonderful memento of a special occasion like the birth of a baby. What better way to remember that than including pieces of it in a scrapbook?
  • Fuse them together - With the use of an iron, you can fuse foil balloons to create a blanket to keep in your car for emergencies or as a festive tablecloth. 
  • Use as packing material when mailing boxes — Re-use foil balloons by inflating them and using them to pad shipping boxes instead of using packing peanuts or other wasteful materials.
  • Donate them to a local school for art projects - Each year, grade schools around the world create fun craft projects for Earth Day (April 22). What fun they would have coming up with creative uses for colourful foil balloons!
  • Make Tinsel - The bright, reflective nature of foil balloons make them perfect for adorning a Christmas tree. Cut a foil balloon in thin strips to create homemade tinsel.
  • Turn them into flowers - Cut the balloons into squares and use them to make “tissue paper” flowers for a shiny bouquet memento of the day. 
  • Make Pom-Poms - Much like the tissue paper flowers, reuse foil balloons by making pom-poms.
  • Use them for rainy day craft ideas with kids - Repurpose foil balloons by using them in place of tissue paper in these fun craft ideas.
13. "When transporting helium-filled balloon arrangements, we use empty paper tubes to wrap the long ribbons around, we then use the Premium Balloon Accessories Clips Weights. We clip them to keep the ribbons short to ensure that they don't tangled up with the other balloons during transport. As we deliver them into the venue, we simply unclip and they are tangle free."
Premium Balloon Accessories 16g Clip Weights.
Each weight holds down one Microfoil balloon up to 26".

14. Conwin grip tabs become amazingly strong when you heat the glue part. I use a hair dryer and then stick them on to the balloon I am working with!

Hopefully you found these tips to be as helpful and genius as I did! If you have any that you would like to add we would love to hear them and I will add them to the QBN Groups list!

If you are a QBN Member or CBA and have not yet requested to join the group, come along and join us today. We truly are a friendly bunch! 
(To qualify as a QBN member you must have completed the QBN Balloon Basics Kit and passed the online test with a score of 80% or higher, you will then be sent your exclusive QBN membership number).

If you would like to learn more about how to become a QBN member click HERE

If you have any "Tricks of the Trade" that you would like to share, feel free to email them to me at with a header "Tricks of the Trade" and I will try to use them in a future blog post! 

Happy Ballooning!


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What is Classic Balloon Décor?

When I started my balloon business over 30 years ago it was considered extremely important to learn the skills to create beautiful Classic Balloon Décor. These skills really made your balloon business stand out, and set you apart from your untrained competitors!

Fantastic Circus Clowns Entrance Décor Design by Tope Abulude, CBA

What is Classic Balloon Décor?

When I think of Classic Balloon décor, I think of precision, where every balloon is sized precisely and each balloon looks identical... think of peas in a pod. Classic balloon décor refers to Columns, Garland Arches, and String of Pearl Arches. It is the foundation of balloon decorating, and can often be found at weddings, fairs, dances, grand openings, and almost anywhere balloons are used to enhance the atmosphere of an event. Just take a look at the fabulous Circus Clown entrance decor above, this is 100% Classic Balloon décor! The legs, body, and arms of each balloon uses the classic Garland technique to create these impressive structures! 

To make any style of Classic Balloon décor, you first need to know the basics: duplets and clusters.

Duplet: To make a duplet, inflate and accurately size two latex balloons, and then tie the two balloons closely together, this is known as a duplet. TIP: the tighter a duplet is tied, (leaving no stretch between the two balloons) the better the end result will be when creating clusters.

Photo courtesy of Balloon Market
for full step-by-step instructions click HERE

Clusters: A cluster is when we take two or more duplets and twist them together at the centre to form a cluster. Two duplets twisted together makes a 4-balloon cluster. We can also make 5-balloon and 6-balloons clusters, simply by adding additional duplets or in the case of the 5-balloon cluster, an additional single balloon to two duplets.

Photo courtesy of Balloon Market
for full step-by-step instructions click HERE

Puff Ball or Balloon Topiary: A Puff Ball is made using a total of twelve balloons. This is formed by twisting six duplets together, making sure that each duplet is twisted through the centre core of the ball.


Garlands are the building block of Classic Balloon Décor and can be used to create;

  • Columns - Columns can be built on a pole and base plate, or can be self-supporting if tethered to a weight and topped with a helium-filled balloon to keep it upright. Columns are great for entrances, corners of a dance floor, or any space that needs a touch of colour.

Balloon Column by Luc Bertrand, CBA of WaW Balloons in Vichte, Belgium

  • Swags - this style of décor can be draped from a ceiling or pillars down into a room. Balloon swags give decor a sense of motion and energy.

Fabulous Circus Decor by Tope Abulude
This amazing décor was designed by Tope Abulude, CBA of Balloon Inspirations Design Studio in Brentwood, England.
The balloon Swags formed the canopy of a Circus Tent.
 The décor was created by a team of balloon professionals at the World Balloon Convention.

  • Arches - When built on a frame, a Garland easily becomes a long-lasting focal point for entrances, buffet tables, or photo backdrops. 

Garland Patterns

Garlands are often referred to as Spiral Garlands, however, there are many more patterns that can be created within a Garland to create different effects.

The above Arch pattern displays a 'Fast Spiral' the means
that the spiral repeats quickly. You could use four 
different colours for this spiral pattern

This Arch pattern displays a 'Slow Spiral'
This is when you use two colours sitting side by side so
that the repeat is less frequent.

This Arch pattern is known as the 'Polka Dot'. Using 
a printed balloon as the dot can be very effective.

This Arch is known as the 'Small Flower' pattern.

The number of different patterns that you can create in a Garland is unlimited, you simply need to experiment and play! The easiest way to do this is by using a balloon design tool such as Balloon Pro, which is what I have used to illustrate the Arch design above. This is a fantastic way for you to create design ideas for your customers without having to touch a balloon!

  • Experiment with different colour combinations to create different patterns.
  • Use all-over printed latex balloons to enhance a theme or to make a bold statement.
  • Top columns with giant 3' latex balloons or 36" Microfoil® balloons.
  • Add curly 260Q latex balloons to add visual interest and movement within a design.
  • Use 5-balloon and 6-balloon clusters to create rounder structures.
  • Use the Garland technique to create many different styles of Garland Sculptures, like the Clown Arches shown above or the 'Tropical Cocktail' below! The only limitations is your creativity! 
Fancy Cocktail Glass
Double stuff latex colours into Diamond Clear latex to create a frosted glass effect!
Designer name: Federico Onida, CBA, Balloon Express Shop - Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy

Tools of the Trade: The AeröPole System® was designed to help decorators easily create different styles of air-filled balloon Arches. To find out more visit

Here are a few more examples of designs created using Classic décor.

Christmas Tree by Cam Woody, CBA

The backdrop balloon wall was create using the Duplet Square Pack 
Design by Sue Bowler, CBA

This Circus Ring Sculpture was mainly created using Classic Balloon Décor techniques.
Sculpture by Sue Bowler, CBA
Balloon Wall created using Alternative Size Balloon Technique
Design by Sue Bowler

So many balloon companies seem to focus solely on organic balloon décor today, but for me personally, I love knowing how to create both, and being able to apply the most appropriate technique to the style of décor or event that I am decorating. 

Happy Ballooning! 


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Monday, January 17, 2022

Different Ways that Balloons Contribute to Society

As balloon professionals, we are all pretty obviously passionate about balloons. We love the way they can completely transform a room or venue, and how they can instantly bring a smile and joy to those who receive them! But, there are more uses of the humble balloon that we may not have considered. 

Balloons and Education 

Schools often use balloons to demonstrate scientific experiments, or as part of interactive craft projects!

As we know, balloons are associated with all things fun, which is why children really enjoy balloon experiments, whether they are building a balloon-powered boat or powering a light bulb with static electricity. Did you ever do the experiment where you push a needle through a balloon without popping it or use a balloon to make the body of a piggy bank in a craft class?

Balloons Offer Compassion

Some situations in life can render words inadequate or uncomfortable. At such times, balloons serve as tangible expressions of encouragement. Even in our absence, they offer enduring cheer, comfort, and companionship to those we love.

#adoptagrandparent - Send a Smile!

Balloons really can be very uplifting and bring smiles to so many! During the restrictions of the COVID pandemic, many balloon artists signed up to be part of a national movement known as Adopt-A-Grandparent. This campaign was intended to bring smiles to residents of care homes that had not had visitors for many months. This project was funded through sponsorship, and it proved to be very successful! 

Photograph credit: Karen Ford, CBA of BalloonWorks
in Pennsylvania, US. 

Balloons Delight All Ages

From newborn babies to someone celebrating their 100th birthday, balloons definitely delight all ages! 
We often think that balloons are just for children. However, people both young and old naturally find them appealing. We never outgrow the pure innocence and unfettered joy we feel with balloons.

Consumer fact - Balloons are for the young & old! Consumers consider balloons indispensable, with 91% of over 7,000 surveyed consumers indicating that they enjoy playing with balloons & nearly 80% agreeing that balloons bring pleasure to people of all ages.

Balloons Deliver Joy

Balloons have the extraordinary power to bring joy and enchantment anytime and anywhere. Because of this, you can count on them to make people laugh and smile. In the famous words of Winnie the Pooh, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

Balloons Create Jobs and Careers

Though many consider balloons to be a niche industry, the balloon industry actually employs tens of thousands of people in the USA and around the world.

The balloon industry actually consists of many individual industries, starting with the rubber tree farmers who grow, manage and tap the latex from the rubber trees. Most of these trees are grown on plantations owned by small-scale farmers. These plantations are a definite benefit to our ecosystem; it is estimated that over 16 million trees that feed the global balloon industry sequester over 363 kilograms of carbon from the atmosphere each year.
Balloons are manufactured around the world: Qualatex itself has plants in Mexico, Canada, and the US.
Balloons are sold through many different outlets, most of which are small and medium size enterprises:
  • Entertainers, magicians and clowns
  • Balloon artists
  • Party shops
  • Card shops
  • Florists
  • Wedding & events planners
  • Small family businesses
  • Cafes & restaurants

A huge thank you to the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC), Party Safe, and Balloon Facts for their help with resource information and facts. This post is based on an original post from Balloon Facts with some updates and additions.

Happy Ballooning! 

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Inspiration for Valentine's Day!

Last year, when I originally wrote this blog post we were still experiencing difficult times with Covid restrictions, one year on and life has resumed back to normality... well almost! 

Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, which is actually a great day for Valentines sales! People love to send Valentine's surprises to workplaces rather than to home, giving you some great sales opportunities! When I ran my balloon business, I would target offices to get orders and most of my orders were from women to men! 

Here is a little inspiration from last year... more ideas to follow in the next few weeks! 

Personalised balloons remain a top favourite with customers

Valentine's Design by Jacqueline Pettitt 
of Tiffany's Balloons in
Chelmsford, Essex

Adding a name and/or a personalised message to a balloon can really add value to an order and increase the value of a sale. You can personalise Qualatex Bubbles and foil balloons, but remember that any personalisation will add weight to the balloon and reduce its floating time!

Personalisation can be quick and easy with the correct tools. One of the most popular methods is cutting out vinyl using a die-cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo, that many balloon artists use. 

If you would like to learn how to personalise a balloon using vinyl, check out this post: Customising Balloons with Vinyl  or click HERE for a direct link.

An alternative to using a die-cutter is to personalise Bubble balloons by hand! Here is an extract from an article posted in Balloon Images Issue 1 2019.

Steven Shippy, Creative Art Director at Pioneer® Balloon Company
3 Ways to Personalise a Bubble Balloon® by Hand
"Whether it be a unique name or special message, customers are clamoring for personalized products – and they are willing to pay for the extra service. A recent edition of The Deloitte Consumer Review, focused on the growth of personalization, revealed that 36% of consumers are interested in purchasing personalized products. Of those interested, 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for customization.

Keith Stirman, CBA, of All Things Fun in Durham, UK, reports a significant demand for personalized balloons in his store. “We sell at least 40 custom Bubble Balloons every week,” said Keith. “We automatically offer personalization with almost every balloon display that is sold in our store.”

With those numbers, it seems obvious to add custom balloons to your repertoire. But where to start? Are you intimidated by the learning curve and cost of a Silhouette Cameo to cut custom vinyl designs? Never fear! Using a Qualatex® Deco Bubble Balloon and a marker, you can produce any phrase or message that your customers desire. The following tutorials will have you customizing balloons to your heart’s content.

We asked Steven Shippy, Creative Art Director at Pioneer® Balloon Company, to demonstrate three ways to achieve different styles of personalized looks: tracing, faux calligraphy and traditional calligraphy.

Helpful Tips
Most importantly, you will need a paint pen or permanent marker that is not water soluble. Some of our favorites are: POSCA, Sharpie™, Zig® Painty®, DecoColor™ and Pen-touch™. There are different markers available in different parts of the world, so you may have to shop around and test different options to find the right fit for your needs.
Follow the package directions on your paint pen to prime the colors you plan to use before you begin drawing. Make sure each side of the marker is properly moistened, and that each color you plan to use is ready. You should also make note of the dry time for your utensil of choice.
Have tape on hand to secure your balloon to the surface you’re working on to minimize mistakes.
Make sure your work surface is clean and stable so it doesn’t move under pressure.
If you are right-handed, work right to left; if you are left-handed, work left to right to avoid smudging.
If the design takes some time to complete and the Bubble Balloon has been outside of its packaging for more than 15-30 minutes, be sure to wipe it down with a wet paper towel (after ink has dried) before inflating.
Calligraphy and faux calligraphy can be done on an inflated or uninflated balloon. Tracing must be done on an uninflated balloon. While an uninflated balloon provides a flat and solid surface, an inflated balloon is pulled taut and the ink/paint will not lose its vibrancy when inflated. The choice of inflated or uninflated is yours to make based on personal preference.
These techniques take time to master, but they will astonish customers when done well. We recommend Lettering and Modern Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide: Learn Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering to start you on your way to creative lettering.
Personalization Option 1: Tracing
With this method, you trace a predetermined design through an uninflated bubble. Because it does not require freehand skill, it is the most beginner-friendly option. The most important point of this method is to determine the size of your design area beforehand. If you want all of your design to be visible and not wrap around the balloon, it should have at least 2-3 inches of open space on all sides.

Directions: Secure design on workspace and tape Bubble Balloon over design, making sure it is centered. Once marker is primed, begin your design by slowly tracing the outline of the letters. Use smooth, steady strokes to complete each line. Hold the balloon taut with your thumb and forefinger to keep the line smooth. As you fill in the shape, go in the same direction, rather than scribbling, to create a consistent surface that moves in the same direction. Be patient, don’t feel the need to rush or finish quickly.

To find out how to hand personalise balloons using Faux Calligraphy and Calligraphy, check out the complete article and videos in Balloon Images Issue 1 2019 or click HERE for a direct link."

Love Hearts 

The greatest symbol of love is a heart! Whether it's a simple 18" Red Heart Microfoil balloon or a fabulous heart sculpture, hearts are always a winner for Valentine's Day! 

Organic Puffed Heart by Sue Bowler, CBA

One of the great things about this design is that it can be made into any sizes! You can use 6" or 12" QuickLinks to create the exact same design! This design is perfect as a store or shopping mall display, displayed outside as yard art or delivered to an unsuspecting recipient! 

To learn how to create the basic Puffed- Heart (How to make a 'Puffed Heart' using Qualatex QuickLink™️ Balloons) follow this link

The Heart Frame below was made using a Nikoloon Frame for Balloons. They are easy to assemble, and then it is up to you how you fill them! I chose to create an ombré effect starting with shades of pink and gradually ending with a deep red at the base. I also added 4", 9" and 18" Microfoil balloons and 'pops' of Chrome™️ Gold 7" and 260Q bubbles! 

If you would like to learn how I made this design and other very sellable Valentine's designs check out the Qualatex Expressions of Love Video on Vimeo! 
Balloon Heart Frame by Sue Bowler

And finally, check out the latest Balloon Images Magazine - Valentine Issue. This Valentine's 2022 issue of Images™ Magazine contains more inspiration and information for each of the seven trends presented in the 2022 Valentine's Day catalog. We adore our customers' creativity, which you will see throughout the following articles, as artists from around the world lead the way on these love-themed trends. Be sure to check out all of the supporting links and educational resources to help you in your business this Valentine's season!

With just over one month to go until Valentine's Day you still have time to get ready for your best Valentine's Day trading yet! 

Happy Ballooning! 💕


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Effective New Year's Resolutions and Goals to Give your Balloon Business a Boost!

Firstly, I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy, and of course a prosperous New Year to you and your families! I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for reading The Very Best Balloon Blog! Last month, we reached a monumental milestone with 2.5 million page views - without you, this would not be possible! 

With New Year's in mind, how many of us start each new year with a long list of things to do, or changes to make in both our personal and business lives? My list usually consists of getting fitter and healthier, losing a few pounds and doing my tax return before the deadline! 

New Year's resolutions can also stretch to our business lives too and may help to give our business the boost that it needs! 

Running any business over the past two years has certainly been both tricky and demanding for many. We have had to make changes, potentially running and operating our businesses in ways we have never had to before. The Pandemic has also shown us that the public truly loves balloons, and has made balloons and balloon deliveries even more popular, which in turn has seen an increase in the number of new balloon businesses being started, something else that may have affected your business.

So what 'resolutions' can you make that will boost your balloon business for 2022?

Learn New Skills

We are never too old to learn a new skill or two. It could be learning how to use CANVA - a free-to-use online graphical tool that combines design, photo editing, and is perfect for creating social media content. I personally love CANVA and have been known to wile away many hours creating content for my social media posts as well as learning how to use different and more exciting functions that I can share with you in a future post! There is a fantastic video tutorial by Zoe Adam-Jones that is freely available in one of my past blog posts "Good Design Matters for your Business" - Zoe Adams-Jones Shows You How to Create Fabulous Social Media Posts Using CANVA. 

All of the best business owners make it their continual goal to constantly learn new skills.

Promote Regularly & Consistently

When it comes to your business’s success, make sure to promote your products or services regularly and consistently, taking advantage of every platform that is available to you.

Do you check your insights to see how well your posts are performing? By checking these regularly, it will allow you to see what content is working (what your audience likes) and what is not. It will also help you to refine your content strategy to post about topics that your followers care about. 

Be a Better Communicator

Don’t focus on quantity of communication, instead focus on quality. Many  businesses make it a point to send out multiple social media posts a day, but are they good enough to make an impact?

The key is to put quality first, and only do things that will have a positive impact on your business’s success.

Charge a Fair Amount and Check your Pricing

When was the last time that you checked your prices? Do you undercharge for your services? It is important to review your prices, otherwise your business will suffer as a result. If you are undercharging, be brave and put your prices up! If your clients value your services enough, they will continue to use you and your company.

If you would like help with your pricing, check out this comprehensive blog post that is packed with great information and links to free online pricing tools! 

Give Back to the Community

Just because you are a business looking to make £££, it  does not mean you cannot also give back to the communities and the customers that help you grow, or to those causes that resonate with you personally. So seek out opportunities and give back in meaningful ways.

Refresh Your Website

As a small business and website owner, you need to stay on top of the trends. When was the last time you updated or refreshed your website?
Did you know? Design on the web goes through phases and fads, too. You should always keep tabs on what’s in style and what is 'so last year' to keep your site relevant, engaging, and looking fresh with a capital F!
1. Keep Website Content Fresh with a Content Calendar
2. Bring Older Content Up to Date
3. Repurpose Your Older Content
4. Keep an Eye on Keyword Data
5. Update Your Web Design
6. Upgrade Your Website Functionality

Check out this great post on HostGator - 6 Smart Tips to Keep Your Website Fresh 

Treat Your Employees Well

Make sure that you never take your team members for granted.
Employees who feel undervalued won’t work as hard or be as motivated, and they are also much more likely to jump ship. Make a conscious effort to be kind to your team members, and treat them how you would like to be treated.

And finally don’t overwhelm yourself!

If you’re the type who likes to make New Year’s resolutions, it is easy to overburden yourself with the weight of unrealistic goals. Keeping your resolutions manageable will make them easier to live by. Try making one resolution each for your mental, physical and emotional health, or one resolution for your business and one for your personal life.

I hope that 2022 brings you everything that you hope for and much more!

Happy Ballooning

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