Monday, June 30, 2014

Part 2. The AeroPole™ System - some great tips from balloon expert David Taylor CBA

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Dave Taylor - Mad Balloons, Sydney, Australia
This arch was created using 16” balloons and was commissioned by a local radio station, this arch used the complete 7 pole arch kit.
The AEROPOLE system is designed predominantly for large, often outdoor events.  Don't try and squish it into a small entry.  A four pole arch does put considerable stress on the poles, so don't do anything smaller.

When you have finished installing the AEROPOLE make sure you go and explain the system to your client.  Tell them that the system is brand new and is designed to be flexible, and give it a shake so they can see.  If you don't explain it you will likely get a panicked call from your client soon after exclaiming that your arch is "collapsing!"  If you think about it, they are used to seeing rigid frame arches, so how do they know about this new system unless you tell them.  Also they will be highly impressed that you have all the 'state of the art' equipment and technology.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creating Air-Filled Arches and Columns using the AeroPole System™

Classic Decor is the foundation of balloon decorating and the art of balloon decorating started with  Garlands, Arches, Swags and Columns. It was actually Treb Heining (co inventor of the AeroPole System™) who pioneered the balloon decorating industry, using balloons for the first time on mass in the late 70's to transform large spaces using Classic Decor to decorate parties, corporate events and election campaigns! 

The Very Best Balloon Blog
Photograph courtesy of Balloons & Party
Last week I had the opportunity to work with the new AeroPole System™ during a Classic Balloon Decor class that I was teaching in the UK and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Cup Balloon Decor Inspiration

Wow, World Cup fever is everywhere! I don't think that you can go anywhere in England without seeing the St George flag and football paraphernalia!

Last month we invited members of our Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) Facebook group to share their World Cup balloon design idea's, here is a short video that shows their great work!

Thank you to the following Balloon Artists & Balloon Companies who shared their pictures and designs.

Luc Bertrand CBA, WAW Balloons, Belgium.

Mike & Sara Harris, For Every Occasion, Rhyl, Wales.

Agnes Debremaeker, 't KADOSKE, Belgium.

Yves Germain CBA, Matouvu Henin Beautmont, France.

Pim Santhuizen CBA- De Ballonnerie, Netherlands.

Steven De Maesschalck CBA, Kleine Balloonnetjes, Belgium.

Jill Shortreed CBA, Charleston Balloon Company, New Jersey, USA.

Party Land Espana - Spain.

Cam Woody CBA, Pioneer Balloon Company, Wichita, USA.

Sunny Twist n Deco - France.

Sue Bowler CBA, Buckinghamshire, England.

Gallus Plus - Croatia.

Wishing everyone's teams great success in the World Cup, but remember there can only be one winner... who will that be??

Happy Ballooning!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Releasing balloons at funerals and other poignant occasions.

Releasing balloons at funerals and other poignant occasions is a good way especially for a child to help with the understanding and feeling of saying goodbye to someone special.

'Balloon Fairies'

Recently there was a question posted on the QBN Facebook Group 
"I had a customer come in today wanting a heart or a star foil balloon for a funeral with the intention of releasing them after. I advised her against it and explained why but she insisted that she wanted them as it was a funeral for a child and it was the parents wish. What should I do"?

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Spring Contest... and the winners are!

101 fantastic designs were entered into our recent Facebook Qualatex Spring Deliveries & Balloon Gifts Contest!

For a design to qualify, balloon artists from all over the World were invited to submit a design or designs created by themselves that was inspired by 'Spring'. The design had to be given a creative name and the balloons used within the design had to be Qualatex.

1st Place Winner

'Spring is coming',
 by Colin Stewart of Stewarts Baskets and Balloons, Canada.
As with all contests there is an overall winner... the 'Best in Show'! Colin Stewarts stunning Butterfly sculpture is the worthy recipient of this award!

Colin's design is Classic Balloon Decor at it's best! Colin has created this beautiful air-filled Butterfly as a showpiece to highlight a spring theme in one of the many stores that he regularly decorates.
Colin's work is very precise with all his balloons perfectly sized, the colours that he has chosen to use are bright and vibrant, using the darker at the centre to create a strong focal point and bringing the lighter to the outer edge. His design demonstrates great rhythm as well as perfect unity, both the proportion and scale are perfect for it's surrounding!
Congratulations Colin on a truly great design!