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Inspiration for a Trendy Halloween

Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun days of the year filled with sensational costumes, candy & sweets, decorations, parties and trick-or-treating! It is also one of the biggest sales events for the balloon and party industry. 

When it comes to planning your seasonal campaigns, early preparation and good marketing is definitely the key to success!

Eat, drink, and be SCARY! 👻 
Happy Halloween, friends! 
Capture and styling: @frostedfujicakes
Photo Credit: @Northstarballoons

The decor and designs that we make do not need to be scary, or in the traditional colour scheme of orange and black! Here are a few fun ideas below! 

Photo Credit: Northstar Balloons

Halloween, but make it cute!
That’s exactly what 
@yuri_munoz_cba did with this boo-tiful decor.

Pastel colours may seem as though they are rarely used in Halloween, but they give a cheerful tone that will jazz up your Halloween decorations and parties. Use bright and maybe even unexpected colours such as pink, green, red, blue or any colour to give a pastel accent to make your party decorations more festive, fun and stylish.

Check out these great decoration and party ideas that you could use to compliment your decor in a window display. How cool are these painted pumpkins and delicious looking cookies?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Have you seen this 'Glam' Pink & Gold Qualatex Happy Halloween Microfoil balloon? This balloon fits in with the pastel pink Halloween trend.

Halloween Glam Bats & Ghosts

  • Size and shape: 18" Round
  • Package item #: 15009
  • Flat item #: 15006
Here are some more great ideas for Halloween Decor:

I absolutely love this door display, especially as it could also be used as in internal wall display! The 16" Northstar letters have been spray painted to take on this appealing ombré look.

A Little Bit of "Boo!"
Welcome your guests with this charmingly spooky door display.
Designer name: Cam Woody, CBA, Pioneer Balloon Company, Wichita, KS, USA

These mini rainbow displays are a fantastic option for both decor and displays for your stores and windows! Once again, don't restrict yourself with the typical blacks and oranges; add a little pink or other pastel colours to create a trendy colour combination.

Did you know that there is a #pastelhalloween with 22.7k posts on Instagram? This is a great place to find a little more inspiration! It may just be colour combinations or inspiration for decor! I often use non-balloon ideas to convert in a balloon design! 

Just in case you have no idea what pastel Halloween is…it's pretty much what it sounds like: Halloween, but done up in pastel colours. Think soft pinks, purples, aquamarines, oranges, yellows, and blue in addition to the traditional orange and black.

Maybe this is the year to think a little bit out of the box for Halloween and create some fabulous displays using non-conventional Halloween colours. You will certainly get noticed in your social media campaigns! 

Happy Ballooning! 

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Balloon Basics - Qualatex Bubble Balloon™

Qualatex® Bubble Balloons are a balloon made from stretchable plastic, making it unusual and eye-catching. Unlike a Microfoil® balloon, it is inflated until all the creases at the seams disappear, giving it the look of a  beach ball, and making it attractive from every angle.

Bubble Balloons are non-allergenic, making them an ideal for hospital gifts and deliveries. They do not oxidise* and floating times are mainly measured in weeks rather than days.

This stunning Bubble Balloon design was created by Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA
of Jaz Trading, Gold Coast, Australia.
To make this design Zoe has use the beautiful 24" Wedding Floral Deco Bubble #18628

Single Bubbles
These stunning balloons are available in 22", and will float for approximately 2-4 weeks.
They come in a diverse range of designs including licensed characters, birthday, milestones and age, new baby, and other special occasion. They are extremely versatile and can be used in balloon bouquets, centrepieces and even to make fun little character designs.

Birthday Lit Candles

  • Size and shape: 22" Round
  • Package item #: 16658

Bright Smile Face Stand-Up
This Bubble Balloon stand-up is sturdy design
perfect for delivery or cash-and-carry.

These balloons are simple and elegant, with 3-D designs that look beautiful from any angle. They have self-sealing valves and come with a pre-attached ribbon.

To find out how to inflate a Qualatex Bubble Balloon correctly, view the short clip below.


Double Bubbles

24" "Baby Blue Bear"
U.S. Patent No. 6,758,715

These 24" balloons certainly have the "how did they do that" wow factor, displaying a balloon inside a balloon creating a magical showstopper! They feature self-sealing valves and come with pre-attached ribbons. The inflating is done in three steps:
  • Inflate a small puff of helium through the "A" valve, you can use an Auto-Foil outlet for this.
  • Now go to valve "B", using an Auto-Foil outlet, fully inflate the inner balloon.
  • Now go back to the "A" valve, using a latex outlet, gently inflate the outer balloon until all the creases have been removed. 
If you find that the inner balloon looks like it has gone down a little, this is likely due to a pressure change within the outer balloon. To puff the inner balloon back to its original state, I recommend that you use a small hand-pump or pocket pump to add just a few puffs of air, and not to attempt adding additional helium, as it is difficult to measure accurately how much you will need and you can easily burst the inner balloon.

To find out how to inflate a Qualatex Double Bubble Balloon correctly, view the short clip below. 

Deco Bubbles
These are probably one of my favourite balloons. They are perfect for so many different occasions with endless creative possibilities! This unvalved balloon is available in both 20" and 24", with floating times of 7-10 days for the 20" and 3-5 weeks for the 24". The different floating times are subject to the type and amount of balloons that you add to a Deco Bubble. Once filled and fully inflated, they should be closed using a 160Q or 260Q balloon. Deco Bubbles are available in clear 20" and 24", in addition to 24" printed designs.

Below is a selection of techniques taught by Lucy Hennessy, CBA and Julie Dunham, CBA of Pioneer Europe, from the recent Qualatex Bubble Tour in the UK. If you are based in the UK, there are more dates available for this tour - just click on the link below

11" Agate inside Bubble Balloon

260Q and 7" Chrome Balloons inside a Bubble Balloon that has been personalised.

Gold Glitter Flakes inside a Bubble Balloon

Personalising Deco Bubbles
Deco Bubbles are perfect for personalising. Add a name, a special birthday or a cheeky message: anything goes! 

Luc Bertrand, CBA of WaW Balloons, Vichte, Belgium has made a great video that shows clearly how to inflate and tie a Deco Bubble.


Bubbles Helium Guide
Over or under-inflating Bubbles can decrease float times, so follow the package instructions to inflate correctly and achieve the best float times. Actual flying times also depend on temperature and atmospheric conditions. Deco Bubble float times vary if other types of balloons are placed inside. Giving accurate gas capacities is almost impossible, as everyone inflates their balloons slightly differently. Personally, I only inflate a Bubble Balloon to the point at which all the creases disappear, however, if I am adding tassels or tulle to a Bubble Balloon, I might add in a little more helium or balloon gas to give it greater floating capacity.  As I already mentioned,  giving accurate capacities is not easy, but I used my Dual Split-Second Sizer to help me measure the volume of helium that is used to inflate the 20" and 24" Deco Bubbles and found that a 20" Deco Bubble took approximately 1 cu.ft. - 0.0282 of helium or balloon gas and the 24" took approximately 1.5 cu.ft - 0.0425 mof helium or balloon gas.
Here are the suggested average number of Bubble Balloons inflated from a 3.6m3 tank.
  • 22" Single Bubbles 90-130
  • 24" Double Bubbles 85-105
For me, Bubbles Balloons are a truly magical balloon in every way! For decorators and retailers, the Deco Bubbles are just fabulous! They look so elegant and can be prepared several days in advance of an event, giving you more time to work on other event decor that cannot be prepared in advance. Decor Bubbles are so versatile, they can be filled with latex balloons, Microfoil balloons, confetti and even feathers! Bubble Balloons are long lasting, vibrant and fun! 

For more inspiration when working with Bubble Balloons check out this great video with Kerry Ferguson, CBA of Qualatex, Europe.

Happy Ballooning!


*Oxidation - Whenever you inflate a latex balloon, you immediately subject it to oxidation, it is just a fact of atmospheric physics. Latex balloons will become cloudy and take on a velvety appearance. To prevent balloons oxidising during delivery, store and transport the balloons in a clear plastic bag. You can also use products such a Balloon Shine™  that will help to prevent oxidation and add a long-lasting sparkle to your balloons. Bubbles Balloons do not require the use of Balloon Shine or HI-SHINE, as these balloons do not oxidise.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

With the Cost of Helium Increasing, Let's Take a Look at Air-Filled Balloon Delivery and Decor Solutions!

As we are all likely aware, helium prices are rising and availability is becoming more limited. This means it is time to start thinking about creating more air-filled designs and decor! That does not mean that we should not be using helium, but if you are, you should think of different ways to keep your helium costs down! 

Let's start with keeping helium costs down. There is a great post by Balloon Biz Academy, written by Sonia Payne where she gives 10 Great Cost Busting Tips for Helium use in your Business 

So let's look at some air-filled creativity!

Air-filled decor has been steadily increasing for a number of years now. There are many balloon businesses that do not work with helium at all, offering only air-filled dećor featured with props and backdrops to enhance their installations! When it comes to deliveries, the perfect solutions (although not my favourite to make as they are time consuming and tend to use a lot of tape and glue) are Balloon Stacks, or Balloon Marquees, as they are also known as. Check out these popular hashtags: #balloonstack and #balloonmarquee

Jackie Ochitwa, CBA of With a Twist in Alberta, Canada always creates the perfect 'Balloon Stacks'!
They are fun, exciting and packed with all those extra little details! 

Air-Filled Balloon Decor with Props

Organic balloon displays that are 100% air-filled have been trending for quite some time now, and they don't appear to be waning in popularity! There are many companies that only offer organic balloon displays, and are able to run very successful balloon businesses.

This fantastic balloon display below was created by Blow it with Bex,  based in Southampton, UK. Bex used 7" Qualatex Chrome balloons to create this stunning display on a popular wire-mesh frame with a Happy Birthday light-up neon sign and a touch of greenery... what's not to love! 

The design featured below was an installation created by myself and Nicci Gibson from Balloon Bouquets  based in London, UK. This decor was created for a Valentine's corporate event and was designed to allow guests to move around within a framed area. This design included balloons and paper accessories that gave it more visual texture.
If you would like to learn more about Organic Balloon Styling, check out my blog post - Exploring Organic Balloon Décor Styles  or visit

Balloon Walls

I love designing and making balloons walls! I have always found these to be very popular for events, especially for corporate clients. Balloon Walls can be made using round balloons in various different techniques, and QuickLinks for some truly amazing results!

Here are a few reasons why you might suggest a balloon wall to a client:

  • Corporate logo
  • Themed background
  • Themed entrance
  •  Photo or stage back-drop
  • To enhance a trade show or exhibition stand

This fantastic QuickLink balloon wall is perfect for a child's space theme party. If you have never worked with QuickLink balloons, you should definitely try them out! As the name suggests, you can build decor very quickly using this type of balloon! 

Balloon Wall and Decor by Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA of Jazz Trading,
Queensland, Australia.
This wall was used as the stage back-drop at the Qualatex Event in Brazil, 2019.

This Balloon Wall welcomed guests into the Moscow Balloon Festival in 2019
Designed and made by Olga Baranova, CBA and Olga Samoilova, CBA.

To learn how to make this complete design visit  - even the 3' balloon is air-filled!

Balloon Arches

When it comes to designing and building balloon Arches, you can really let your creativity go wild! Featured below is a fabulous selection of arches. I love all the different themes, and the mix of balloon types, all offering a great contrast in texture.

Jungle Theme Arch by
M & M Balloon Co. in Seattle, USA

This Football or Soccer theme arch was designed by
Cam Woody of Pioneer Balloon Company.

This Disney Theme Arch was designed and created by
Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy of All Things Fun in Durham, UK.

This fun Jungle theme arch design was the work of 
Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy of All Things Fun in Durham, UK.

There are so many opportunities to create appealing air-filled decor. If you would like even more inspiration, check out these great pages on the Qualatex website! 

Many of the high street chain stores are turning away customers, as they cannot get any helium supplies. As a balloon professional, it is really important to find air-filled solutions to ensure that we can continue to grow our balloon businesses! 

Happy ballooning! 

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