Friday, May 29, 2015

How to make a Tropical Balloon Flower Step-by-Step!

Tropical Balloon Flower
by Sue Bowler CBA
Since posting my last blog 'Flower Power', I had several requests for a recipe to make the Tropical Balloon Flowers that I featured in my blog!

I designed the Tropical Balloon Flowers for the Gala Party at the 2013 Slovenia Event. My objective was to create an elegant flower that had a Crocosmia like appearance in terms of having long elegant stems rather than the more traditional 'Daisy' like flowers that we usually see used for decor.

How long you make your flowers is entirely up to you! For the Slovenia Event Gala Party, I wanted the flowers to be freestanding and tall so that I could position them around the room. Each flower stood approx. 10ft tall (3m).  However you could make them much shorter and use them for table decor too!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Flower Power!

Design by Sue Bowler CBA

Floral based designs are synonymous with seasonal occasions such as Mother's Day and Valentines. They can be used for many other occasions too such as 'Get Well' or 'You're the Best', or they can be used to decorate summer parties, creating a wonderful array of ballooning floral treats!

Qualatex® has so many beautiful balloons that we can work with to create many varying types of flowers. 

From Big Polka Dots to Agates, Geo Blossoms® and Hearts, not to mention all the Q's too... look at the amazing flowers that Carolynn Hayman of POP! Designs & Creations has made using 160Q & 260Q balloons!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Part 3. Working with Colour Trends - Strawberries & Tangerine, a fresh trend for summer 2015!

Picture courtesy of

Ooh, what a wonderful and exciting colour combination! Strawberry Ice, delicate, warm, and appealing combined with energising and fun Tangerine!

Picture courtesy of

These two don't instantly appear to be a match made in heaven but when put together they look awesome! We have some great balloon colours that we can work with to achieve this fresh look!

Here are some fantastic designs ideas working with this fabulous colour palette!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Designers Fiona Fisher and Luc Bertrand share their inspiration behind the Spring Fair and Toy Fair stand decor.

The International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany and the Spring Fair at Birmingham NEC, UK are both key trade shows for Pioneer Europe to exhibit at. 

With many competitor companies within a very small area, it is essential that the Qualatex® stand is exciting, inviting and pleasing to the eye. It should also show professionalism and creativity. 

Most of us don’t work big trade shows like these, but often we get to advertise our services at events and also need to make the best impression at first sight. This philosophy is not unique to trade stands, this is something at we should all consider when creating our window displays or exhibition stands at wedding and other trade fairs.

To find out more about how the fabulous decor was designed for both the Spring and Toy fair, I asked the decor designers Fiona Fisher CBA and Luc Bertand CBA if they would share their inspiration.

Balloon samples to help determine the colours 
and theme to be used.
Choosing the theme and colours with 
Debbie Magill, Michelle Comerford and
Luc Bertrand!

Each year the teams working on the shows get together many months in advance to decide on the look and colours that will be used for the stands. It was agreed that a modern contemporary look was high on the list of priorities using 'Spring and Flowers' as the theme.