Friday, November 29, 2013

QuickLinks Santa Mural - a Christmas gift from Luc Bertrand CBA

Each year the lovely Luc Bertrand very kindly creates and gives a new design to the Very Best Balloon Blog to share with the 'balloon community', and this year he has designed this wonderful 'super easy' Santa mural that is so quick to make using Qualatex Quick Link balloons!

This 225 cm high Santa could be used in so many ways to decorate parties, shops & stores, showrooms, shopping malls and more, they can be used as backdrops or suspended from ceiling, their use is endless and look at how few balloons it takes to make!
Luc Bertrand CBA
Qualatex Quick Link Santa Mural by Luc Bertrand CBA

These step by step instructions are very easy to follow, all the Qualatex Quick Link balloons have been inflated to 10", and all the other balloons used within the designs each size is stated in each of the instruction sheets below, Luc has also shown how to create each of the chains required to make each of these wonderful designs!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is working with balloons a hobby or a career worth investing in?

Attending a convention is a huge investment, and I suppose if you have never been to one it is hard to understand why you even should consider going? 

Taking classes from some of the best instructors, teaching their latest and greatest designs and techniques is just awesome and such a huge learning curve and having the opportunity to learn skills that would take me years to master without the hands-on tuition!

This is a selection of classes from JBAN earlier this year. Classes are action packed with like minded balloon artists having the opportunity to learn different skills such as making balloon dress's, how to create amazing Quick Link designs and decor for Halloween and all in a just a few hours, think what else you can learn in 3 days!

It is easy for us to think that we have gained enough knowledge by going on a variety of one day courses, buying a DVD or that everything is available on the internet through You Tube or Facebook, all of which are great and very very helpful resources!

So I would like to tell you from my own experience how by attending those first few conventions change my balloon career path to where it is today!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Balloon Wall backdrop perfect for Christmas!

Balloon Walls make the perfect backdrop! Great for entrance decor, window displays and as a photo opportunity at events! The great thing about balloon walls is that they can be made to any size subject to the size of balloons and inflation size that you decide to work with!

Sue Bowler
You may have already secured your Christmas decor designs with your clients, but maybe you are still looking for inspiration?

Earlier this year I attended JBAN, and taught a Christmas decor class, where I showed a number of different designs including how to create balloons walls featuring a 'Santa Face'.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thinking outside of the box, some great ideas!

To find my inspiration I rarely look at a balloon design or decor to get my inspiration, in fact I prefer not to! There are many things that I see on a daily basis that I think "that could be made with balloons"!

To show you what I mean - a few years ago I made these lovely little snowmen, they were actually the result of being snowed in a home for a few days!

Snowmen by Sue Bowler CBA

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The 'Noodle' Balloon - balloons inside a balloon!

The art of putting balloons inside balloons is something that has evolved over the years, many balloon artists have found their own preferred ways to do this, there is no right or wrong way!

Sue Bowler
'Noodle Balloon' by Sue Bowler CBA

I have been spending a little time recently 'exploring' Pinterest and all the wonders that it holds and came across a picture (pinned on someones board) of a design that I created a number of years ago... The Noodle Balloon!

I was working for Conwin when I designed the 'noodle' balloon to demonstrate the use of the Conwin 'Insider Tool', the end result proved to be fun and very visual, with the 'how did they do that' factor!

When I found the picture I posted it onto my own Facebook page and it had a great reaction, it looks like a few people have not seen this design and have asked me how it was made.