Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Balloons!

Thursday 17th of March is St. Patrick's Day, celebrated by many around the world.

I remember when we used to attend the International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC) in Chicago. Each year we would visit the city to see the Chicago River turn green. What a truly awesome sight!

So with that in mind, here are a few ideas that are perfect for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Think pink and sparkly! Introducing our new "Sparkle" range! February 2016

When I was asked to design and create a "pink" window display for Qualatex® at the Spring Fair trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, U.K. I was extremely happy! Happy that I would be working with the new Pink Starburst Sparkle and Birthday Sparkle range, but also very happy that I would have the opportunity to add some exciting "sparkly" elements to the displays, too!

18 Pink Starburst Sparkle Bubble Balloon
U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675

The window space for each of the displays is quite limited, allowing on this occasion enough room for three focal displays. Working with the theme "celebration," I decided to feature age eighteen as the milestone age.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

I hope like me, you are now starting to take bookings for corporate events for later in the year! With more of us working with corporate clients and in public spaces, I felt that it might be helpful to talk about Risk Assessments and Method Statements

It is becoming standard practice for a venue to ask event vendors to provide risk assessments along with proof of their business liability insurance prior to working in a venue, without either of these they will not permit you to work.

So what exactly is a Risk Assessment? In simplest terms, a risk assessment is a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking. 

Whereas a Method Statement is a document detailing how a particular task or activity will be carried out. It should detail the possible dangers/risks associated with your particular part of the project and the methods of control to be established, to show how the work will be managed safely. 

This all sounds pretty complex, like it's something that would only apply to industrial type businesses. However, in today's world of stricter health and safety laws, there are often requirements for us as event decorators to produce these documents.

Monday, February 1, 2016

14 Day Countdown to Valentine's Day - are you ready?

Now is the time when most people start to think about what they are going to buy or send for Valentine's Day. Many leave it to the very last minute! I remember receiving telephone calls on the actual day asking me to deliver a balloon arrangement and pleading with me not to tell the recipient that they had only just placed the order! 

If you have a balloon shop or store, then I assume that your windows are packed with a fantastic range of beautiful balloon displays and all the items that you are hoping to sell! The next few days is the perfect opportunity to make sure that all the balloons are looking fresh and well- presented. How about your other shop window? Your website? I have noticed that many balloon companies do not refresh or update their homepage very regularly. If I was looking for Valentine's balloons via the internet, I would want to find them quickly and easily on a website. The same applies for your Business Facebook page, too. Do you have a Valentine's cover at the top of your page? 

Creating your own cover for your Facebook page is easy. I wrote a blog a few years ago called,

How to create your own Facebook cover photo using PicMonkey Photo Editor. It guides you through the simple process, and it's free!

U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675

Think Pink! Is a top tip from Tope Abulude, CBA, of Balloon Inspirations, in Essex U.K. 
"I use as much pink as I do red, and air-filled Qualatex® Deco Bubbles... Simply so I can immediately convert my designs to Mother's Day as soon as Valentine's Day is done. I guess for me it's being able to create arrangements that I can still sell after Valentine's."