Monday, November 17, 2014

An Interview with Treb Heining and Bill Schaffell of AeroPole System

Treb Heining
The AeroPole System™ is the brainchild of inventors Treb Heining and Bill Schaffell. As the pioneer of the balloon decorating industry Treb Heining combined his skills and knowledge with long term friend and colleague Bill Schaffell who has 30 years experience in the special events industry. Between them they invented the Aeropole System™ which allows balloon professionals to create classic balloon d├ęcor without the need for Helium. 

Bill Schafell showing the AeroPole System.

I recently had the privilege to interview Treb and Bill, where I took the opportunity to asked them both about the AeroPole System™, how they came about inventing the system plus how they see it being used now and in the future with some other great ideas and applications that they have planned for it, plus much more, including setting up tips and hints!

A few key points to remember:

  • The AeroPole System is flexible, it will perform (move) outside in the same way a helium filled arch would, it is not ridged like an arch that is built on a conduit frame.
  • Ensure that you tape the sections together with gaffe tape to prevent the poles pulling apart in windy conditions.
  • The base plates that are supplied with the AeroPole System weigh in at around 30lb's/13.6 kilograms each, but it is suggested that in windy conditions additional weight should be added at the base to ensure that the arch cannot blow over - wind is an unknown, we never actually know how windy it can become, make sure that you are prepared!
  • When placing the AeroPole onto the pins, be sure that the pole is straight before sliding it onto the baseplate pin. If it slides on easily, then you know you did it right, if it binds up then stop and don't force it. It should slide on easily, and it will when it's in-line with the baseplate pin.
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Happy Ballooning!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - Elegant decor design ideas with Dazzling Snowflakes!

I would have to say that the new Qualatex Dazzling Snowflakes Holographic Microfoil® balloon has to be one of my favourite winter balloons this year!

Dazzling Snowflakes #20263/ #20260
I'm not sure if it's the 6-Point Star shape, the design, the Holographic effect or all of it, but they are such an elegant balloon that is perfect for all winter events!

I am very excited to be decorating a corporate Christmas party this year and the Snowflake balloons will be a huge part of the decor, I will be using them for the centrepieces and a feature arch! I will share the end result after the event, but I am sure that it will look amazing!

This balloon shape is also perfect for connecting together, allowing us to create stunning air-filled mobiles, which I think are perfect for venues with higher ceilings and good fixing points. Once positioned they will gently move around, and the Holographic elements will sparkle in the light!